April 9th

My arm feels very strange today. I felt something move inside and now have a completely different pain – heavier and more of an ache than a stabbing.  Oh well, only one week tomorrow until I see the surgeon.

I have some news of new Rowan Autumn yarns and books that are due in July:

Rowan Finest – a 4 ply blend of cashmere, wool and alpaca. Comes in 25g balls. The Rowan Finest book by Sarah Hatton supports this.

Rowan Big Wool Colour – a variegated version of Big Wool. 100g balls. The Big Wool Colour Collection by Lisa Richardson supports this.

Rowan Brushed Fleece – a blend of extra fine merino and baby alpaca. Chunky weight 50g balls. The Brushed Fleece Collection by Martin Storey supports this.

Rowan Fazed Tweed – A mix of wool and alpaca in a tube like construction which gives a tweed like appearance when knitted. 50g ballsThe colours look to be marled. Supported by The Fazed Tweed Collection by Marie Wallin

Rowan Fur – This is wool with a little polyamide to blend. 50g balls. Supported by the Big Accessories Collection by Marie Wallin, Martin Storey, Lisa Richardson, Gemma Atkinson and Sarah Hatton


So there you have it – I am not particularly excited by the Big Wool, Fleece or Fur but the other two sound interesting.


April 6th

Time for me to explain to my overseas readers about the health service in the UK.

We have something called the National Health. Everyone has to contribute to this – there is no opting out. A portion of your salary is taken before you receive it and this goes toward funding the National Health.  If you are sick, have a baby or need medical attention, it is free – nothing to pay.  However in recent years the service has deteriorated. Hospitals are under-staffed and overcrowded and they work to budgets which means if a cheaper treatment or drugs might do the trick, they will try that first. You cannot just go and see a specialist, you have to be referred by your local doctor.

We also have the option of paying for private health care. This is often also offered as a perk with a job. If you have this, you get seen more quickly ( often by the same doctor as you would see under the National Health scheme ) and also can have a private room in a hospital.  We have never paid into this as it is expensive and we have always saved the money that we would have paid into a private scheme and so have it if we need it.

So, yes, I could pay and see someone privately and I most probably will do this. The surgeon I am seeing at the moment does have a private practice at a hospital near me.

Arm is not too bad today as long as I do not lift anything. But I have to cook a full roast lunch and so getting the beef in and out of the oven is going to be a challenge.

April 4th

I went to see the consultant today. I had another X-Ray and he said that there was very little change – no real new growth. He is going to get a second opinion and I have to go back again in 3 weeks.  It is not 2 weeks because the Friday two weeks on is Good Friday and the clinic is closed!  The pain is still as bad but I can bear it as long as I take the tablets. My whole arm feels as if someone has got it in an iron grip — a bit like when you have your blood pressure taken and the cuff on your arm is very tight.

On a more cheerful note, there is a new Rowan yarn that will be released on May 1st. It is Rowan Chenille – here are the shades:


There will also be the inevitable book – The Rowan Chenille Collection.

Jackson is hardly ever home now – I think he must be eating the rabbits he catches and he does not seem at all hungry. Slip sniffs him from nose tip to tail – a sure sign that rabbit smells are on him!

We have not been out at all apart from John going fishing several times. I am quite pleased when he goes out as I can sleep without interruption. He is talking about going to Ireland very soon – I expect I shall manage on my own here. I can have the shopping delivered and my friend Julie ail come and help me with Slip.

I will try to write tomorrow – just depends on my mood!

March 26

Sorry I have not written recently. I have been feeling depressed. The constant struggle to do things is so wearing. Ironing takes ages with one hand…..give it a try! You will be surprised how much you use the other hand to straighten things on the ironing board!

Still, I have to soldier on. The pain is not quite so intense providing I do not use the arm. I sleep a lot during the day. I did try sleeping in the bed last night but it was very painful and so I went back to my arm chair and duvet in the lounge.

No yarn news but the Rowan rep will come soon with the Autumn range.

March 21st

Sorry I have not written for a while. I feel so tired all the time and drop off to sleep anywhere and everywhere.

I went to see the consultant this morning…a long, protracted affair what with waiting for an X Ray and then waiting to be seen.  Nothing has changed – there is next to no new bone growth, I have to wait another 2 weeks to see if it improves and, if not, an operation will be considered. I was issued with more pain killers. They no longer make me feel sick but I now have sore patches in my mouth..apparently a side effect of codeine.

I am still sleeping in a chair at night and have very swollen feet. I have had them on a foot stool but must raise my legs higher. General day to day activity is still very tedious especially eating and getting dressed. But life goes on!

Sorry, just typing these few sentences has made me tired…going to have a nap!


March 17th



Ugh!  This is the bruise below my elbow and you can see my fat arm!  The scar is from when I had an operation for tennis elbow years ago.

The pain is no better but as long as I take the pain killers, I can manage after a fashion.  I am not feeling so nauseous which is good. I am still sleeping upright in an armchair – nice not to have to listen to John snoring…..but I do have Slip in the room. She seems to chase things in her sleep as I can hear her legs banging on the side of her basket and she makes little yelps of excitement.Jackson is out but I hear him go past the patio door yelling. That means he is chasing something.

One small piece of news – Rowan Tweed Aran is being discontinued….I do not know why. 

We are going over to the fishing lake now – I can have a sleep whilst John does his casting practice!

I went to see Mr. Gul at the fracture clinic this morning.  Here is a photo of my arm:



It is too early to say if I will need a plate and screws inserted. I have to go back next Friday for another test.  He said it would be at least 4 months before I can use my arm to its full capacity.  I think I am becoming accustomed to the painkillers as I do not feel as sick as I did when I first started them.  This has an upside – lovely not to feel nausea all the time, but the downside is that I am now noticing that dusting and vacuuming is needed.  John is so hopeless…..maybe I can manage with one arm.  

No yarn news – I have had a delivery of Manos Silk Blend today.  It all has to be skeined which is no go at the moment.  Everything is out to frustrate me!