August 30th

Slip's Work!

Slip's Work

Slip has been a very bad dog today. This morning she was very destructive – she has written about it in her blog. As if that was not enough, she has just trashed the Atesano shade card!  She has also discovered the delights of the hose and tries to bite the water.
Noro Joy has arrived and I have put it in my store here and also some Louisa Harding Impression on special offer.  We are going out to eat tonight – it is hot here for once, but thunder storms are forecast.  

August 28th

I have fallen over and hurt myself.  Slip has chewed a rug in the hall and I caught the toe of my sandal in the frayed edge and fell over. I hit my right leg and shoulder against a wall and am a mass of bruises.  I also bent a finger nail right back – that is the most painful of all my injuries. 

I am going to have a gallery of completed knitting and so if anyone has any photos of their creations please email  them to me  together with details of yarn(s)0 used. Send to

No deliveries today – I expect it will all come tomorrow and it will look like a mountain and John will grumble!   Now I am going to do some knitting before I cook dinner – beansprout and mushroom stir fry followed by apple pie and custard!  Back tomorrow!

27th August

I have an upset tummy and have spent most of the day in the bathroom. I don’t know what caused it as I have not eaten anything out of the ordinary.  As if that was not enough to cope with, my iphone went wrong.  I had docked it to my PC for it to syncronize and it said Apple wanted to update the software and so I clicked OK.  It all went smoothly but when I went to use the iphone again, I received a message on the screen “No Service”.  In other words, it was not connecting to the O2 network.  I telephoned Apple and they said that I would have to restore it to the factory settings. After a lot of fiddling around and docking and undocking it, it was finally recognized by my PC and my programs are being restored as I write.

My Louisa Harding delivery did not come – just as well as I did not feel like coping with it. We have had Slip 2 weeks today – it seems much longer than that. She has grown a lot taller – I wish she would stay small!!   Back tomorrow!

August 26th

I have taken up my abandoned knitting – a sweater in Fauve.

Agden Sweater in Fauve by Louisa Harding

Agden Sweater in Fauve by Louisa Harding

It is in Louisa Harding’s Winter’s Muse – Landscapes book and I had planned to wear it over my bikini in Jamaica but that does not seem very likely at the moment!  I like knitting with Fauve – it turns out much nicer than one would imagine.

Next week we have Lawrence and Mary coming for lunch on Wednesday – we shall go to the Three Horseshoes as they do Tapas and Lawrence and Mary like that sort of thing. Then on Saturday of next week Kevin and Joanne are taking us out to dinner. All this eating is not good for my waist line!

I am definitely getting a delivey tomorrow of new Lousia Harding and other things – I can’t really remember what I have outstanding!!   Now I must do my Rowan order online – back tomorrow!