August 23

Enjoying the sun!

Enjoying the sun!

Rusty is feeling a little left out as Slip is getting all the attention and so I took this photo of her sitting on the wall.

Great excitement – we found a snake in the garden!!  We were looking for slow worms and found a large snake curled up around some plant stems.  it slithered off before we coud identify it – it was either a Grass snake or an Adder.  We hope to find it again in the same place!

We are going to the 3 Willows for a meal in an hour’s time and so I must wash my hair. Back tomorrow!


One thought on “August 23

  1. Slip is a very sweet puppy, but Rusty is absolutly beautiful. I would love it to pet her a bit.

    On Saturday we were very close to your town. Visiting London for a day (our ninth visit in this town) we went by train from Stansted to Tottenham Hale Station.

    Best regards,

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