August 24th

Today saw the return of the squirrel.  He obviously knows that the walnuts are nearly ready. Rusty saw him and chased him up the walnut tree but was not bold enough ( or is too fat! ) to climb the tree. We have called him Squib!   I also saw the snake again but it had slithered away before I got a good look at it.

John suddenly announced that he is going to Ireland on September 12th with Kevin – fishing. I was not best pleased as I want a holiday and now there won’t be time to go before the shooting season begins.  Kevin was here when he told me and so I could not make much of a fuss – life seems most unfair!

This week I have the new shades of Louisa Harding Kashmir Aran and DK coming and also Como. I am only taking a few things at a time so that John does not throw a fit when 10 boxes arrive! It is a holiday here tomorrow, not that it will make any difference to me!


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