August 30th

Slip's Work!

Slip's Work

Slip has been a very bad dog today. This morning she was very destructive – she has written about it in her blog. As if that was not enough, she has just trashed the Atesano shade card!  She has also discovered the delights of the hose and tries to bite the water.
Noro Joy has arrived and I have put it in my store here and also some Louisa Harding Impression on special offer.  We are going out to eat tonight – it is hot here for once, but thunder storms are forecast.  

One thought on “August 30th

  1. Puppies are more trouble than having a human toddler in the house. (I guess I didn’t have to tell you that though!)

    Thanks for the rain. I got my packages from you yesterday, and they brought rain with them, just like the packages did last week. Perhaps I should order something from you each week so that Texas can have rain!

    Mary G.

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