August 22nd

Hana Silk

Hana Silk


Today I listed some Hana Silk at a bargain price – you will find it in the Bargain Basement along with some DB Cotton Angora and Merino DK which are also cheap.  I must get rid of some of my old stock, I have so much!

Slip has kept me on my toes – it is nice when she has a nap!  She trod on a thistle whilst we were taking our walk today and howled!  Rusty keeps her distance but I don’t think there is any serious animosity between them.   Now I am going to design some gift vouhers – back tomorrow!


August 21st

Today I have been busy listing loads of Addi Needles and 7 shades of Noro Hotaru at a bargain price. It is exceedingly time consuming doing this as I have to do a stock take first! I made John do the needles – he found lots that I did not know I had!  I feel I shall never get everything in the shop – but it is a holiday  here this coming weekend and so maybe I will have a bit more time.

We have been invited to a garden party in September and there will be a hog roast.  It is my birthday on 1st September and I think that John has forgotten again – never mind, I can use it to my advantage if he has. He will need to make it up to me big time – like coming to Jamaica!

Slip is loose in the house ( John is over at his pheasant wood again) and she is very quiet, I think I had better go and see what gives.  Back tomorrow.

August 20th

I am in a bit of a rush tonight as John spent most of the day at his pheasant shoot and so I had to look after Slip which meant I got next to nothing done,

Louisa Harding’s Kindred book and Jane Ellison’s Noro Joy are expected on Friday as are the new shades of Louisa’s Kashmir Aran and DK.   Now I must dash as I have so much to do and so little time. Slip is not writing her blog until the morning as she is going to pose for some photos then and wants to show them to you!  Back  tomorrow

August 19th

I am letting Slip tell you about her adventures today – suffice to say that she has been a handful!
I had a sort out of Rowan Wool Cotton and have listed some balls in discontinued shades at a special price here.  I ordered some software that should help me keep better track of my inventory – I am always finding things that I did not know I had, or, more worryingly, not finding things that I should have! 

I am tired tonight as someone telephoned last night at 10.00pm to say that they had heard shooting in the woods where John’s young pheasants are. He insisted in going to see what was happening and so I had to stay up and be with Slip until he returned at midnight.  Of course, he found no one and I was not best pleased!  Now I am going to sit down and have a rest, back tomorrow

August 18th

Tasty sandal!

Tasty sandal!

We are worn to a frazzle!  Slip has more energy everyday! We are walking miles attempting to tire her out.  She has now discovered the trash bin and it won’t be long before she has figured out how to open it. She has her own blog here……but don’t believe all she tells you.

It has rained nearly all day today and is getting dark and it is only 7.45pm. I dread the cold of winter and wish I could go to sleep for that period or re-locate to somewhere hot.  No real yarn news today – Studio 12 and Kim Hargreaves Amber are on the horizon as is Louisa’s Kindred book,  Now I am going to see what Slip is up to – she is very quiet – not a good sign.  Back tomorrow

August 17th

Hmm, this grass is not much fun......

Hmm, this grass is not much fun......

I am sorry to report that Slip has been a rather naughty puppy today!  She has chewed one shoe lace, the fringing off a rug, one leather belt and two sandals!  Once she is quiet, I know she is up to something.  She chased Rusty too, but when Rusty stopped running and turned around, Slip was not quite so bold!

You can see how small she is beside the broom head.

...but this broom is quite a prickly customer!

...but this broom is quite a prickly customer!



Today I have listed some Jaeger Extra Fine Merino DK and Aran and some Patons yarn at bargain prices.  Tomorrow I will list some more Jaeger and mohair!  Back then!

August 16th

I am the champion ball retriever!

Slip and I have been playing ball a lot today.  I took a video of her bringing the ball back to me complete with ears flying in the wind and a tail wagging nineteen to the dozen!  But I find that I cannot upload it here and so I have converted one frame to a still picture.  Luckily it has been a fine day and we have had the doors open and there have been no accidents!

We are going out for a meal tonight and will put Slip in the run and she will go in her kennel once she has done her initial howling at being left alone.

Last night I got up to go to the bathroom and walked into the bedroom door and have a big bruise above my right eye – it is very painful!   My trip to Jamaica is not looking too good. John announced that he does not want to go there  – I can see I shall have to work on him, wonder where I put my peepy hole bra?!  Back tomorrow