October 29th

Patterns for the fuller figure!

Patterns for the fuller figure!

Today I have put a range of patterns for the fuller figure in my store.  They go from UK  size 16 – size 24 – this is from 42″ -51″ bust. They are very nice and not stuffy or old fashioned.

As I said yesterday, a Rowan yarn is being discontinued in Februrary.  I am not allowed to say which one. It might be one on the list below or it might be none of those but something else.  If you email me with your guess and you are correct I will enter you in a drawing for a pack of the yarn in your choice of color.   Here are some suggestions:
1. Rowan Calmer
2. Rowan Damask
3. Rowan 4 ply Cotton
4. Rowan Biggy Print
6. Rowan Summer Tweed
If none of those seem correct you can email me with your suggestion! Please put Discontinued yarn as the message subject so that I can filter them easily!   Slip is not writing today as she is out rabbit catching!!  Back tomorrow.


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