October 22nd

Milla in her Kidsilk Haze beret
Milla in her Kidsilk Haze beret

Today’s photo is courtesy of one of my customers who knitted this beret for her daughter. The edging is knitted with Baby Alpaca and the main part with three strands of Kidsilk Haze. I can see Milla will be a heartbreaker when she grows up!

Matt, the Rowan rep, telephoned to say he was not coming today but will come early next month when he will have the Spring yarns and books for me to see and order.  I seem to have only just unpacked the winter ones!

On the first of November I will start a month long contests – not a drawing, but a proper contest with questions, one a day!  I will announce the prize on November 1st – maybe I will give Slip away!!

Now I must cook dinner – fried up potatoes, bacon and baked beans for John, a prawn sandwich for me and chicken for Slip.  Rusty is having a pouch of Whiskas Oh! So Fishy! Back tomorrow.


October 21st

I went to the Post Office at the crack of dawn (7.0am) and retrieved my parcel and it was from Jamieson. Mostly yarn that I had ordered for people but I did get 3 copies of their Simply Shetland Book 3. 

Alcea sweater

Alcea sweater

I especially like this sweater and think I shall knit it. I am ashamed to say that I have abandoned the KSH – I have given it best!! But I can knit this sweater easily – it is very like some of Alice Starmore’s ealier designs and I love knitting in the round! 

Tomorrow the Rowan rep is coming to see me. It is Matt as Roger has retired.  I wonder if he will have anything new to show me. I do know that Kim Hargreaves Amber is expected next week and that the book that Rowan are bringing out to celebrart their thirtieth anniversay is delayed until the new year.

Now I am going to watch a football match on TV and have a rest. Back tomorrow.

October 20th

Today has been one of those days!   At 3.0pm I discovered that my internet connection was down and lights were flashing on my router.  I telephoned Netgear who made the router and spoke to a man in New Delhi!  After half an hour spent groveling on the floor plugging and unplugging things he concluded that there was nothing wrong with the router and the fault must be with the broadband itself.
I then telephoned BT who supply my broadband connection. Back to India, this time to someone in Calcutta! After a lot of id checks and questions he said that there was a major fault with broadband in my area! It has just started working again but my iphone would not connect wirelessly at all.  I did not know what to do and so decided to delete the wireless connection from it completely and turn it off and on again. Yes!!  When I turned it on again it looked for any wireless services and found it! I find all this VERY frustrating and time consuming.
There is a parcel at the Post Office for me – they tried to deliver it whilst I was shopping. I think it is from Jamieson and I shall go and get it first thing tomorrow.  Apart from that, nothing to report!! Back tomorrow.

October 19th

Well, I survived the dinner party. Joanne and Kevin were late arriving which did not help but no real harm was done!  The grouse were good and enjoyed by all.  We did not get to bed until after midnight and so I felt a bit jaded when I got up this morning and not much like cooking lunch. Luckily it was only spaghetti and so not too much trouble.
Slip was a bad dog last night but I will let her tell you about it in her blog!! Today has been quiet – nice to have a rest! It has been sunny but very windy – leaves falling left,right and center. My sore finger is much better and so I am going to attempt the Cardi Cosy for the umpteenth time! Back tomorrow!

October 17th

Grouse marinading.

Grouse marinading.

It is 2.0pm here and I thought I had better write this before I start cooking!  The grouse are in their red wine marinade and I have peeled all the vegetables and they are in their saucepans ready to cook.  I decided on potted shrimps for the starter with Melba toast and a salad garnish.  Making the toast will be a bit of a fiddle as I cannot do it until the last moment.  I have also cleaned all the silver spoons and made sure all plates and dishes are in apple pie order!!  Oh, and I have fried 4 thick slices of bread in garlic and olive oil ready to sit the grouse on in the roasting tin.   The roulade is rolled up and it did not break!  So, so far, so good.

I have not had time to put much yarn in my store, just some Jaeger Shetland Aran,  some Rowan Cotton Jeans and Noro Catwalk which is back in stock.  I am going to lay the table now and arrange the armful of lilies that John bought me.  I will report back tomorrow.

October 17th

Well, my kSH venture did not get off the ground last night as I caught my wedding ring in the handle of a garage door and wrenched it badly.  My finger swelled up like a pumpkin and we could not get the ring off and so I had to sit with a bag of frozen peas on my hand all evening!  It is better today but still sore.

I have spent most of today getting ready for the dinner party tomorrow. The grouse are in the fridge in their marinade of red wine, juniper berries and all sorts of fresh herbs.  I have made the meringue for the roulade and tomorrow I shal roll it around a filling of whipped cream and blackcurrants, raspberries and strawberries. This is always hair raising as I have know them to crack – if that happens I shall smash it all up and serve it in tall glasses as a meringue surprize!  I still have not decided on a starter but am thinking along the lines of jumbo shrimp in olive oil and garlic with melba toast.   Kevin is bringing the wine and so I do not have to worry about that.  Now I am going to make sure all the dinner service is clean and that the glasses are spakling.  Back tomorrow before they arrive!

October 16th

I did not start the cardi with KSH again last night but continued knitting the pattern with my thick yarn and I think I have the measure of it and so am starting with KSH again tonight!  I am going to write the pattern rows out for the ones where it says “continue in pattern as set”, I prefer solid instructions! I think my problems stem from the fact that you are supposed to be able to see where to do the yarn overs as the holes are bigger where they are, but to me, the whole thing looks full of holes!
Let’s have a poll on KSH:

Don’t you all dare to say it is easy!!  

Nothing special happened today – I spoke to Elaine Jamieson and she is sending my order at long last….it has been ages!  Bob the boiler is here at the moment, he is servicing the central heating……so it turned off and I am cold.  RIght, back to my hot water bottle and the KSH…..I will report back tomorrow!