December 31st

First of all, Happy New Year to everyone!!
I have listed the names of the 3 finalists for the Christmas Contest and also started a new contest here.
Next week I am expecting Studio 14 and also some garments including some in Bamboo Tape, Calmer, Cotton Jeans and so on…I am always tempted to keep them for myself!!
Slip is not writing tonight – she has been a bad dog and is in punishment….she will tell you all tomorrow!

December 30th

I am no longer a hamster – both cheeks are flat!!  Just hope they stay that way.
My discontinued Rowan came today and I am invoicing those of you who placed orders as fast as I can!! There is a postal collection tomorrow and I will get all paid for orders sent then. Thursday, the post offices are shut as it is a holiday in the UK.
Slip will be blogging tomorrow and I shall be posting the tie breaker for the contest. I will also be offering a bonus prize for anyone who either did not get the first parts correct or did not enter for whatever reason – so check the contest page tomorrow!! Back then!

December 29th

Hmm, I went to bed last night thinking my face was better. Yes, it was, but when I woke up this morning the left side had gone into hamster mode!   I have never had it on the left before.  I have been sucking my limes but so far it has not helped!
I am expecting a delivery tomorrow from Rowan. It will be the yarns that some of you have ordered from the discontinued list and I will be emailing you to tell you what has come!
It is so cold here today – even Slip is shivering! Rusty is nice and warm under her thick fur – I shall get her to come and sit on my lap! Now I am going to prepare dinner and iron – back tomorrow!

December 28th

We went to the party!  When we left my face was only mini hamster thanks to diligent lime sucking before we left!!  The party was in a community center and it was to celebrate the birthday of Mary, the wife of one of John’s shooting friends.
Mary sings in the local operatic society and also sings in musicals. We had been there for about an hour when the stage show started. It consisted of friends of Mary’s from the operatic society singing songs from West Side Story and operatic pieces. Neither John or I care for this sort of music and it seemed to go on and on and on.
Then there was an announcement that the singers would take a break and the lights came on. Ah! a familiar feeling in my jaw……yes, I was full hamster again. I could hardly open my mouth and we decided we had better go home!! We escaped more singing!!
My face is better right now – I wonder if the saliva builds up when I am not speaking as it always seems worse in the morning and I was not speaking last night whilst listening to the music.
Back to normal tomorrow – I am putting my Rowan and Jaeger sample garments in my store to make room for the Spring yarns!  Slip is here waiting to write her blog and so I will go!

December 27th

The last two days have been disasterous!  I woke up on Christmas day with a blocked saliva gland on the right side of my face – below my ear and along my jaw bone.  I needed a lemon to suck – we had none.  Nowhere was open and so I had to wait until yesterday when we managed to find an Asian grocer who was open!
The swelling went down during in the day but I woke up in the night and I could hardly open my mouth and my face was so fat! I went to get more lemons – sold out – and so I have limes to suck. It is very painful and feels so tight.
But the worse part of all of this is that I have to go to a party tonight and I look like a hamster!! Luckily John is driving and so we shall not be able to stay long as he won’t want to stay if he cannot drink!
Slip has been bad and totally destroyed one of John’s sandals – she is not to be trusted and will have to go in her kennel whilst we are out tonight. Now I must iron my dress ready for later – just wish my face was not so fat!!

December 24th

Jaeger Pattern Books $5 each

Jaeger Pattern Books $5 each

I have been having a sort out ( after lots of grumbles from John) and have created a Bargain Pattern Book section in the Specials Offers category.  I have so many books – a whole room full of them!
Tonight we are going to the 3 Willows for a meal. Tomorrow I am cooking Grouse and I have them marinading in a juniper berry and red wine mix at the moment.
I have a stocking ready for Slip and a tub of cream for Rusty. Her fur is too long for me to give her a collar and she does not like toys and so she is hard to buy for.
Now I am going to have a rest as I feel tired. I shall be here for the holiday period and so just email if you want me!!
Sincere thanks to all of you for your support and friendship this year!