January 31st

John and Slip went off to the shoot early this morning. I went shopping and then came back and the postman had been.  More Knit Pro needles arrived including the interchangeable needle tips and also some crochet hooks.
I spent a lot of the day frantically trying to make my stock look less!! I achieved this by doubling up the boxes – instead of having 2 shades in a box, I managed to cram four in!! This has released several boxes and the new Rowan will be able to be fitted in. I still have not told John that it is coming……I must pluck up the courage soon!
Slip is fast asleep exhausted by her labors and so she will not write tonight. I shall be publishing the name of the winner of the pack of Kidsilk Haze in my forum tomorrow and also announcing another give away! Back tomorrow!

January 30th

I am writing early as John has just announced we will go out to eat tonight instead of  tomorrow as he is always tired when he gets home from shooting.
I have put the new Spring shades of DB Baby Cash in my store and also my last balls of Kidsilk Night in Starry Night and Moonlight.

It is 5 months until we go to Jamaica today – wish I could hibernate until then. In a weak moment I ordered lots of fish from an internet supplier and am expecting crab meat, king prawns, whitebait, brown shrimps and kippers to come on Tuesday – I do eat a lot of shellfish and so it will keep me going for a bit!
Now I am going to do my nails and wash my hair – back tomorrow!

January 29th

Today I received quite a lot of DB Baby Cash including the four new Spring shades which I will put in my store tomorrow, I also got some DB Cash Aran. I have the new Rowan and RYC color cards too – I will scan them tomorrow.
I am on the last sleeve of Veronica – I think I shall do the Earth Stripe Wrap next as I have always secretly wanted it and it does not look too hard for a Kidsilk Haze hater!
Slip wrote earlier – she is very excited about going shooting on Saturday, I have to provide a lunch for her! Back tomorrow

January 28th

John and Slip went shooting today – well, not actually shooting but picking up. For those of you who do not live in a shooting household, this means that John and Slip find and retrieve the birds after they have been shot.
Nothing much happened to me – I had a Rowan delivery and am expecting some Debbie Bliss tomorrow. All the new Debbie Bliss is ready to be sent out and will start to come next week – heaven help me! Slip is waiting to write again and so I will go!

January 27th

At 11,oo this morning John suddenly suggested that we go to the Hoops for lunch and so off we went. It is about seven miles away in a remote location. We got within 200 yards only to find that the road was closed and so we had to do a big diversion and get to it from another angle.  When we went in there was a notice on the bar saying that they were short staffed and to please ring the large ship’s bell that was hanging over the bar. We did this and the owner’s wife appeared ( somewhat flustered!) and got us a drink.  John asked if we could have lunch and she said that we could but it might be a bit slow as she was on her own.
Next thing, thirty odd people appeared – they were a rambling association and had decided to come for lunch. It is a very small pub with low ceilings – these ramblers all had rucksacks and big waterproof coats on – soon you could not swing a cat! We ordered and did get served – I had thai chicken curry and John had roast turkey. It was fine but not exactly the peaceful lunch we had envisaged!
I received more Pavi needles today in a range of sizes and I have also ( sadly ) put my last balls of Kidsilk Night in Oberon in my store – there is none left at Rowan.
Slip is waiting to write and so I will make room!

January 26th

Sorry I did not post yesterday – we had unexpected visitors and I was pushed for time.
We did not go to the Hoops on Saturday after all – we stayed in to eat and then went out for a drink. Eating out has become very expensive and more often than not we are disappointed and I cooked deep fried prawns at home!
I have found out that the Spring Rowan yarns will arrive next Monday, I have ordered something of everything new – rather frightening when I look at the very long list! I am not sure when the Noro and DB will come, I will find out tomorrow. I will also update the contest again tomorrow. Now I must move out of the way as Miss Slip is here with paw poised!

January 24th

Slip is in season!  She is feeling very sorry for herself and is quiet as a mouse.  She is not up to writing today but will write tomorrow.
We are going to The Hoops for a meal tonight. We have not been there for a long time but thought it would make a change.
I went shopping this morning but there were no summer clothes in the shops yet – I shall have to wait. I just did grocery shopping and was soon home/
Now I am going to wash my hair and decided what to wear tonight – it is cold here again. Back tomorrow!