January 27th

At 11,oo this morning John suddenly suggested that we go to the Hoops for lunch and so off we went. It is about seven miles away in a remote location. We got within 200 yards only to find that the road was closed and so we had to do a big diversion and get to it from another angle.  When we went in there was a notice on the bar saying that they were short staffed and to please ring the large ship’s bell that was hanging over the bar. We did this and the owner’s wife appeared ( somewhat flustered!) and got us a drink.  John asked if we could have lunch and she said that we could but it might be a bit slow as she was on her own.
Next thing, thirty odd people appeared – they were a rambling association and had decided to come for lunch. It is a very small pub with low ceilings – these ramblers all had rucksacks and big waterproof coats on – soon you could not swing a cat! We ordered and did get served – I had thai chicken curry and John had roast turkey. It was fine but not exactly the peaceful lunch we had envisaged!
I received more Pavi needles today in a range of sizes and I have also ( sadly ) put my last balls of Kidsilk Night in Oberon in my store – there is none left at Rowan.
Slip is waiting to write and so I will make room!

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