January 31st

John and Slip went off to the shoot early this morning. I went shopping and then came back and the postman had been.  More Knit Pro needles arrived including the interchangeable needle tips and also some crochet hooks.
I spent a lot of the day frantically trying to make my stock look less!! I achieved this by doubling up the boxes – instead of having 2 shades in a box, I managed to cram four in!! This has released several boxes and the new Rowan will be able to be fitted in. I still have not told John that it is coming……I must pluck up the courage soon!
Slip is fast asleep exhausted by her labors and so she will not write tonight. I shall be publishing the name of the winner of the pack of Kidsilk Haze in my forum tomorrow and also announcing another give away! Back tomorrow!


One thought on “January 31st

  1. Your house must be the paradise…. ALL SORT of Rowan yarns in ALL shades… I couldn’t sleep at night if all this were in my home 🙂

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