January 23rd

Another quiet day here. Very wet again and cold. No deliveries – I listed some more current Rowan shade cards in my store and also two vintage Rowan patterns. I have also updated the contest.  Tomorrow John and Slip are going to the wood for the morning and I am going shopping – I may go and look at beachwear!!  Back tomorrow!


22 January

Well, I have booked the holiday. We are going from June 30th until July 7th, flying with Virgin with flat beds and champagne on tap and I have booked a beachfront suite at Couples Negril.
The Rowan rep did not come – she called to say she had got behind with her calls and it was too late – not to worry as I don’t think she had anything special to show me.
My chilblains are back – fingers like sausages and I cannot get my rings off. Itch,itch,itch all day long! It was very wet today which did not help – I can’t wait for April when it will be warmer.
I am feeling tired today – I have totally finished our tax returns and sent payment – one more worry out of the way. I am going to knit now and have a rest!

January 21st

I got a break today – John took Slip to the shoot – I had a day of peace, no playing tugger or going for walks in the cold!
Nothing much happened, I made a chicken casserole which we have eaten. I sorted out my sandals and swimwear and definitely need some more. I will wait until it is a little warmer as I do not fancy trying on when it is so cold.
Tomorrow the Rowan rep is coming and so I will try to find out what is in the pipeline – I think there will be a mid-season yarn.
Oh, I did have one excitement – Rusty brought a mouse into the house this morning and it escaped and went behind a box in the hall. I tried to catch it but it wriggled away and ran up the back of a radiator and I could not reach it. About ten minutes ago I was sitting knitting and the mouse ran by me – Rusty had flushed it out. John caught it in a tea towel and released it in the garden. I am pleased it has gone as I do not want them in the house altho they are cute!
Now I must go as Slip wants to write about her first shoot!

January 20th

I have been busy getting quotations from travel agents for Jamaica. We plan to go on July 14th which will fit in with John’s fishing plans. As we have been to the resort twice before we qualify as repeaters and get goodies!!
As the dollar has risen again against sterling, I have increased the discount to 15% in my store..this will be automatically deducted off anything you buy – no codes to enter.
John eventually told me he had planned to go shooting tomorrow – I was nice about it ( well, as nice as I could be!) and I have agreed to mind Slippy! I must admit thoughts of administering something to upset his tummy ( a muffin with Ex-Lax icing?) did cross my mind but I have been good!
Nothing to report on the yarn front really except that my Pavi needles should be here tomorrow! Off to dream of the plane landing at Montego Bay!

January 19th

Couples Negril

Couples Negril


YES!!  I have won!  We are going to Jamaica!  Not until July but I do not mind that as it will give me chance to get a tan and sort out my beachwear!  I am so excited!  I know there is a sting in the tail to all this.  I know that John has arranged to go shooting AGAIN on Wednesday but he does not know that I know and he is plucking up courage to tell me. By saying we can go to Jamaica, he thinks it will soften me up!  I will be gracious in victory and accept the shooting on Wednesday!
Otherwise, today has been horrid. I have been struggling with the tax returns again and it is such a strange way it is worked out – I can see it is done to extract the maximum payment but it is hard to understand! It is done now and I shall file the returns online tomorrow.
Nothing new on the yarn front – but it is only just over 2 weeks until the Spring yarns arrive – God! no space here!!
I am pleased to see that some of you have posted in the forum but there is plenty of room for everyone – and we need more photos of finished objects and disasters! Back tomorrow.

January 18th

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Daffodil

Rowan Kidsilk Haze Daffodil

I have started a contest which anyone can enter. All you need to do is register for my forum and submit a post by January 31st and you will automatically be entered into a drawing for a pack of 10 x 25g balls of Rowan Kidsilk Haze in Daffodil.  Each post you make entitles you to an entry, so get writing!!
When John and I went to the Catherine Wheel we called at the bank as he needed some cash. I stayed in the car whilst he went to the ATM. He was gone for AGES. I began to think he had been mugged and thoughts of being a rich widow crept into my mind. I planned my funeral outfit – a black Chanel suit with matching quilted Chanel handbag. Then I thought about what I could buy – yarn warehouses, several cats, a parrot, vacations – I was getting quite excited!
Not to be! He returned! His coat had got shut in the automatic door of the bank and the staff had to call security to release him. I am now thinking of buying him a hang glider for his birthday or perhaps a microlite aircraft!!
Now I must go and cook the roast beef – Skip is on oven guard. Back tomorrow.

January 17th


I have put four more shades of Kidsilk Night in my shop at $9 a ball. I do like Kidsilk Night and wonder why Rowan discontinued it.
We went to the Catherine Wheel last night and I had veal in a parmesan bread crumb coating with a white wine and bacon sauce. It was very nice and I ate it all. John had cod as usual – he is not one to try new things whereas I would try most things. I have had ostrich, kangaroo, wild boar and guinea fowl several times.
It was very wet here earlier on and I had to wear over trousers when walking Slip but it has stopped raining now. John should be home by 5.0pm whereupon he will have a glass of sherry and then fall asleep!
I have put some Rowan shade cards in my store and will add to them tomorrow.  They are time consuming to do.
I am going to light the fire now as it is cold and then I shall sit and knit until John comes. I am cooking chicken breasts with cheese and pesto on a bed of spinach with diced roast potatoes and shallots with chocolate eclairs for afters! Back tomorrow.