April 30th

Beaded Wrap from Easy Beaded Knits

Beaded Wrap from Easy Beaded Knits

My books arrived from Rowan today and I have put Easy Beaded Knits and 50 Baby Bootees in my store. They are both at well below retail price and are brand new! I have also added more Hand Maiden kits.
John and Slip went fishing all day and so I had a nice peaceful time!  I cleaned the oven and it is show room shiny. Tomorrow I am going to attack the venetian blind in the kitchen. I wish I could get more pleasure from housework – my Mother used to love it and take great pride in having everything spick and span – I obviously do not take after her.
Now I am going to knit for a bit and then it will be glass of wine time – again! Back tomorrow

April 29th

Hand Maiden Cashmere and Silk Yarn

Hand Maiden Cashmere and Silk Yarn

My kits arrived from Fleece Artist and Hand Maiden today and they are to die for. The yarns are so silky and soft and the colors have to be seen to be believed.
I also received some Kid Classic, Handknit DK and All Seasons Cotton from Rowan ( the German warehouse) and I am waiting for some discontinued Rowan ( the UK warehouse)!
John is going lake fishing tomorrow about 120 miles away and is taking Slip – she is very excited and is packing her favorite toys to take with her.
My sweater is progressing and is looking good – I do like the Milk Cotton DK, it is soft and yet firm if you know what I mean. Now I am going to do some baking – back tomorrow.

April 28th

Little Big Wool Topaz - On Sale!

Little Big Wool Topaz - On Sale!

It has been drier today but not much warmer.
I spent fruitless hours today looking for 4 balls of yarn in shade #3 for someone – searched in hundreds of boxes with no success. I called the distributor only to be told it is discontinued and they have none. I was about to email the buyer and eat humble pie and I glanced at the order again. Instead of looking for 4 balls of shade #3, I should have been looking for 3 balls of shade #4!! Problem solved.
My kits from Fleece Artist should be here tomorrow – I received a letter demanding import duty from Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise and I was able to pay this online and they said the goods are now released for delivery.
I am also expecting the new Sasha Kagan book and some Rowan books that I will be able to offer at good prices.
The images in my shop were migrated to a new server today so please let me know if there are any problems. The reason for the move was to make it possible for me to upload images in bulk instead of one at a time which involved a lot of clicking backwards and forwards.
Don’t forget to post in the forum if you want to be in with a chance of winning 3 sets of Addi needles – the drawing takes place on May 1st.  Back tomorrow.

April 27th

Today has been wet and pretty depressing.
One piece of news! You remember we were setting traps in Slip’s run to try to catch whatever was eating the bread that I put out for the birds? Well, we did not catch anything – but last evening John saw a rat go under the dog kennel. He got a gun and then shook the kennel and it ran out and he shot it. It was female with milk so it has babies somewhere.
Today Rusty was looking out of the window and suddenly started swishing her tail. There were 3 baby rats on our lawn. John killed them and we hope that is the last of them. We think they live in some old sheds behind my neighbor’s house. The babies were cute but they had to go.
Now I am going to help Slip upload her video to her blog!!  Back tomorrow.

April 26th

John's Fishe Weather Vane

John's Fish Weather Vane

John took his fish down today and gave it a coat of paint – it looks a bit bright at the moment but will  soon get weathered. He also put some oil in the tube it pivots on as it was not spinning as freely as it should.
His gout is much better – thank goodness! We took Slip swimming today and I took a video of her retrieving from water – I will post it tomorrow.

The beach at Couples Negril

Beach at Couples Negril

I have been looking into hiring a car for a day whilst we are in Jamaica – we can have something called an Island Cruiser for $50 a day. It is a bit like a beach buggy but will do to go exploring in.  We have been told not to venture where the marijuana farms are as it is dangerous – I can see the headlines in the newspapers ” English Yarn Seller missing in the Jamaican Mountains!”.  It is 10 weeks until we go – time to do some serious beachwear shopping!!
My sweater is progressing without any further problems and I am pleased that I undid it. I am going to knit some now. Slip will be writing tomorrow!