June 30th

Today has been horrid. I woke up knowing that today was the day I supposed to be going to Jamaica and so I felt low. Then, no broadband connection.  It ran very slowly for a while and then nothing.
I telephoned my ISPs helpline in India(!) and had to replace the   in the phone sock to see if that helped – no! Then the engineer said he would test the line and call me back. He did so and said there is a fault on the line. I then had to speak to the engineering department in the UK and they said they will be sending someone to repair the cable but would not say when. I had no Internet access at all until I tried again just now and it is working for the moment!
I have managed to put some 4 ply Soft and Biggy Print in my store but it is a slow process.
John’s foot is no worse. It is very hot here and we are melting – Slip is being hosed down every hour!
Now I will try to list some more before the connection goes down. Back tomorrow.

June 28th

It has been hot here today – not that I have much heart for sitting in the sun at the moment!  I have sorted out some more of the Rowan and Jaeger and have put some more Yorkshire Tweed 4 ply in my shop along with some Yorkshire Tweed DK, 4 ply Cotton, All Seasons Cotton, Handknit Cotton and Jaeger Roma. They are all in the Rowan and Jaeger Clearance  department.
I still have more to sort out….it is a never endinig task.
The gout is no better – foot is still red and swollen.
I have decided to buy a new laptop – a Mac book. One of John’s friends came round today and he had one with him and they are so beautiful!!
Now I am going to take Slip out for her walk, back tomorrow.

June 27th

Well, we are not going to Jamaica. The foot is no better. John saw the doctor yesterday and she will sign the necessary forms for the insurance claim. I am trying to come to terms with it – I think I will feel better once Tuesday  is over and the date to leave is passed.
John is living on a diet of fresh cherries, cherry cordial, cherry yogurt and dried cherries. Apparantly they are a “good” food for gout!
I have put some more clearance lines in my store – Rowan Wool Cotton, Rowan Yorkshire Tweed 4 Ply, Rowan All Seasons Cotton, Jaeger Matchmaker Merino DK and Extra Fine Merino Aran. I am still unpacking boxes and sorting it into lots – it is very time consuming!
I upgraded my iPhone to the latest model yesterday, got it home and, guess what, it would not connect to the network. I took it back this morning and it is faulty. They are out of stock and so I have to wait. Worst part of this is that I handed the old one in yesterday and it has gone for recycling and so I now have no iPhone at all!!
Now I am going to take Slip out as John cannot get a shoe on! Back tomorrow.

June 25th

Well, the foot is no better and so it looks like we won’t be going.Thanks to all of you who have suggested wheelchairs but it would not work. He can only walk a few steps and there is a lot of walking in the resort complex in Jamaica.  I telephoned my insurance company and there will be no problem getting a refund. I am very disappointed but will have to get over it – I shall treat myself with the refund!!
Today I have put some Calmer, Plaid, Jaeger EFM Merino Aran and other bits and pieces in the Rowan and Jaeger Clearance section of my store. It is exhausting sorting it all out as a lot of the balls are all jumbled up in poly bags, but we are getting there.
Now I am going to knit for a bit and have a glass of wine to drown my sorrows. Back tomorrow.

July 24th Part 2

John’s gout is much worse – he cannot get a shoe on. I am thinking I may have to cancel Jamaica as he would not be able to walk at the airport. Also he is only eating a very restricted diet and no alcohol and so he won’t be much fun to go away with.  I do have insurance and so presume I would get my money back providing I produce a letter from the doctor.  But I shall be bitterly disappointed – definitely a gas oven situation.
I have put some more Rowan and Jaeger yarns in my store at very low prices and there is more to come.
We are going to the airport now to collect my brother – back tomorrow.

July 24th

Sorry I did not write last night. My broadband connection decided on go into snail mode – it took ages to load a page and was so frustrating,
Yesterday I received ten boxes from Rowan!! They had been clearing out their UK warehouse and sent me all the part packs and odd balls that they had lurking in boxes. There is Rowan and Jaeger – some of it is long discontinued lines. I have started a new department in my store – Rowan and Jaeger Clearance.  I am in the process of making the various yarns up into lots of complimentary colors if there are not enough balls of one shade.  I am going to sell it all at really low prices and so do check back each day as I shall be adding new items as fast as I can!
Today we were supposed to be going shopping for beachwear but John’s gout is bad again and he cannot get a shoe on and so we cannot go. We collect my brother from the airport tonight – I just hope John will be able to drive.
Now I am off to the grocery store – I will write more tonight.

June 21st

Sorry I did not write yesterday – things were a bit hectic!
We went to dinner with Lyn and Steve on Saturday night. Lyn had cooked a Thai meal. We had fishcakes followed by a Monk Fish and Prawn Green Thai curry. It was all very tasty and not too filling.
They have a large pond in their garden with huge Koi carp in. They were so beautiful and are very valuable costing nearly $2000 each!
When we got home I had trouble getting my left contact lens out. I must have scratched my eye whilst struggling to remove it and now one half of the white of my eye is scarlet! It does not hurt but looks horrid!
The new Rowan Cashmere DK is to die for. There are eight colors which are all muted – cream, oatmeal, silver grey, very pale blue, dull indigo, pale pink, muted raspberry and an acid green. There are 122 yards per 25g ball and it is going to retail around $23 a ball – expensive!! It features in a new book – Classic DK Designs for Men and Women. These are classic style cardis, sweaters, jackets and slipovers.Some are cabled and some have textured patterns. I shall not be stocking the cashmere but can always order it if wanted by any rich knitters!
Now Slip has some news and so I will hand over to her! Back tomorrow.