July 24th Part 2

John’s gout is much worse – he cannot get a shoe on. I am thinking I may have to cancel Jamaica as he would not be able to walk at the airport. Also he is only eating a very restricted diet and no alcohol and so he won’t be much fun to go away with.  I do have insurance and so presume I would get my money back providing I produce a letter from the doctor.  But I shall be bitterly disappointed – definitely a gas oven situation.
I have put some more Rowan and Jaeger yarns in my store at very low prices and there is more to come.
We are going to the airport now to collect my brother – back tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “July 24th Part 2

  1. I’m so sorry. What about a wheelchair? And doesn’t he think that sunshine and seawater could help with the pain? There is more to life than alcohol. Think about it. I’ve been following your blog for only a short while but I can see that this trip means a lot to you.

  2. I am so sorry to hear this, you were so happy to go to Jamaica…. but perhaps it gets better the next days! I keep my fingers crossed!

  3. What a disappointment for you after you had been looking for this holiday all these weeks! Hoping you husband will recover in time! (The pets would be happy though)

  4. I hope all will turn out well! after all your husband has had this gout bouts before and he has recovered pretty fast. Just noticed that you’ve been writing july instead of june in your posts.

  5. The airline will provide a wheelchair and someone to push it, from the enquiries desk to the plane, and they will often give you a seat at the front. It usually means you don’t have to wait in queues too, but not always. Check the airline’s website for ‘Special Assistance’, ring the number and say he needs a wheelchair. They don’t ask for proof or a letter from your doctor. I always have to do it and since I got over my embarrassment and annoyance at losing my independence, I quite enjoy it. The staff who do it are usually very helpful.

    On the other hand, if he’s too ill to enjoy the holiday once he gets there then it’s better to cancel. What a shame 😦

  6. Oh Janette, how disappointing if you dont go after looking forward to it so much!
    John will have to sit all day with his foot in the fridge until the swelling goes down, heehee. He must feel awful, poor thing. Fingers crossed that John’s gout will get better pronto. I have had gout in my big toe and the pain is horrendous.

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