July 24th

Sorry I did not write last night. My broadband connection decided on go into snail mode – it took ages to load a page and was so frustrating,
Yesterday I received ten boxes from Rowan!! They had been clearing out their UK warehouse and sent me all the part packs and odd balls that they had lurking in boxes. There is Rowan and Jaeger – some of it is long discontinued lines. I have started a new department in my store – Rowan and Jaeger Clearance.  I am in the process of making the various yarns up into lots of complimentary colors if there are not enough balls of one shade.  I am going to sell it all at really low prices and so do check back each day as I shall be adding new items as fast as I can!
Today we were supposed to be going shopping for beachwear but John’s gout is bad again and he cannot get a shoe on and so we cannot go. We collect my brother from the airport tonight – I just hope John will be able to drive.
Now I am off to the grocery store – I will write more tonight.


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