June 25th

Well, the foot is no better and so it looks like we won’t be going.Thanks to all of you who have suggested wheelchairs but it would not work. He can only walk a few steps and there is a lot of walking in the resort complex in Jamaica.  I telephoned my insurance company and there will be no problem getting a refund. I am very disappointed but will have to get over it – I shall treat myself with the refund!!
Today I have put some Calmer, Plaid, Jaeger EFM Merino Aran and other bits and pieces in the Rowan and Jaeger Clearance section of my store. It is exhausting sorting it all out as a lot of the balls are all jumbled up in poly bags, but we are getting there.
Now I am going to knit for a bit and have a glass of wine to drown my sorrows. Back tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “June 25th

  1. I’m so sorry to hear it! 😦 You’ll just have to have twice as much fun when you next go. Gout’s miserable to have, but I’m convinced it’s just as miserable on the spouse — a good friend of mine’s husband has it…

  2. I’m really so sorry you have to postpone your trip. I’m sure your husband was looking forward to it also. I guess the only happy one will be Slip unless she was looking forward to summer camp.

    Hopefully you can treat yourselves to something else that’s fun.

  3. What a disappointment! You must get John on a regimen of eating cherries. I have heard a number of stories that eating cherries in any form (juice, pie, dried, fresh) helps to keep from having episodes of gout. I’ve known folks who travel with dried cherries to eat a few each day so they don’t experience an episode!

    There is plenty of info on the internet about this and one site is: http://gouttreatments.blogspot.com/2008/06/gout-treatments-part-6cherries.html

    I don’t understand thoroughly why/how this works but people I have known say it works for them.

    I understand that even a small amount every day or so can be a ‘maintenance’ dose to keep it from flaring up.

    Good Luck!

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