June 20th

Well, I have not found the vaccination certificate but the replacement arrived in the post today and so I am not worried about it now….but I do wish I could find the original!
We are going to Steve and Lynn’s for dinner shortly – they own Saffy and Ruby and Slip is invited too.
Just a few details about another Rowan yarn. It is called Lima and is 84% Baby Alpaca , 8% Merino DK and 8% Nylon. There is a pattern book in support. The designs are mostly cabled or textured in one color and the shades are muted – petrol blue, fawn, dull mauve, dul green, cream and so on. The yarn reminds me of Rowan Cork – it is the same chain construction!
Now I must go and get ready!
Back tomorrow


July 19th

Today has not been good!  I have lost Slip’s vaccination record book. I got it out the other day to check she is up to date and now I can’t find it – I have had the house upside down – no show!  I have telephoned the Vet and they will send a duplicate but it annoys me that I cannot find the original one – wonder if I have thrown it out when tidying my desk yesterday?!
Today I will tell you about the new British Sheep Breeds DK. This is standard DK and the 6 shades have been spun with two shades of British Sheep Breeds in each color. For example, there is Blue Faced Leicester Grey Suffolk which has been produced with Bluefaced Leicester and Grey Suffolk and the result is a slghtly marled shade.
The new book is called the Purelife Winter Collection and contains patterns for the new DK and the existing chunky weight of British Sheep Breeds along with some designs for Organic Wool. Cables feature in lots of the sweaters and jackets and there are designs for men and women. The Organic Wool collection has 4 new shades : Indigo ( quite a pale blue ), Logwood ( a dull purple ), Berry ( a dull beetroot) and Madder ( a tangerine color).
Now I am going to look for the vaccination record book AGAIN!! Back tomorrow.

June 18th

Well, I have seen the new Rowan yarns!! What a lot!! First of all, Rowan Classic is being incorporated with Rowan and all yarns will be known as Rowan in the future.
Where to begin? I will tell you about the Felted Tweed family! The original Felted Tweed carries on and gains two new shades, Cinnamon and Dick Egg. Cinnamon speaks for itself and Duck Egg is a blue grey color.
There are two new yarns in the Felted family: Felted Tweed Aran and Felted Tweed Chunky. There are 10 shades in both weights and they are all muted colors – plums, blues, teal, greys and fawns. The balls are 50g and it will retail for around $11 a ball. There are lots of patterns for all weights of Felted Tweed in the new Rowan magazine and also you can use these yarns for any Scottish Tweed patterns.
Kidsilk Haze gains one new shade, Brick, this is a hazy reddish brown color. There are patterns for shawls, jackets, a cardigan and a dress in the new Rowan Magazine.
Tomorrow I will tell you about more of the new yarns and the books that accompany them.
The Rowan magazine is available from July 15th and all the new yarns from August 1st.
The general feel of all the new patterns is fair isle, heavy cables and textured knitting. Colors are muted and several colors are used together in lots of the designs – a nightmare for me as I shall have to stock them all!!
Now I must get on as I am way behind – back tomorrow!

June 17th

John has been to see his surgeon and the lump was totally benign and most probably caused by an ingrowing hair. No rich widow status for me!!
The Rowan rep is coming tomorrow – I will post pictures of everything here. I am looking forward to seeing the pure cashmere but I think it will be expensive. Rowan’s prices all go up on July 1st but I shall not increase mine until I order new stock.
John’s gout is not much better – he is drinking masses of water to try to flush it out. I have to be very careful not to knock his toe in bed and sleep perched on the very edge of my side!
I have nearly finished the front of my Rugger sweater, next step is to join the shoulders and then knit the sleeves downwards on a circular needle. I don’t think I shall have it done by the time I go to Jamaica but I doubt if I will need it there anyway. Back tomorrow.

June 16th

Bob Marley Cocktail

Bob Marley Cocktail

This beautiful drink is called a Bob Marley and it is lethal! It is made from Grenadine, Grand Marnier, Creme de Menthe and 151% proof clear rum. The different components separate into layers due to their specific gravities. You have to drink it through a straw in one go. It tastes vile but everyone has to have one whilst in Jamaica. I drank mine and, because it was so horrid, I quickly downed a glass of champagne afterwards – I do not remember much more of the evening!!
John has gout in his big toe and is hobbling about. He cannot get a shoe on and so will have to go to see the surgeon in sandals!
Slip is going to post her video now. I will be back tomorrow!

June 15th

We are in the throes of violent thunderstorms here and so I have to be quick writing this.
The Rowan rep is coming on Thursday with all the new shades cards, book info and samples of the new yarns. I will post a full report here.
John goes to see the surgeon on Wednesday to find out what his “lump” was. I just hope it will all be OK…….but I suppose I could go along with the idea of rich widow! Only joking!
I will let Slip post her video as soon as these storms abate. Back tomorrow.

June 14th

I have a horrid headache – most probably caused by too much sun today! It has been very hot again and my tan is coming along nicely.

I put a big bowl of water in the garden today for the birds to drink and bath in and my spotted woodpeckers were soon enjoying the facility. I have tried to photograph them but they are very shy.

I have a new video of Slip buut my head is aching so much that I do not feel like posting it tonight – I will do it tomorrow and Slip will write her blog too. Back then.