July 31st

I have just had another reversing lesson – not only did I have to reverse in and out of the small gate but also I had to reverse the car into the garage into a tight space as the rest of the garage is full of boxes of yarn. It was horrid and I had to do it over and over again! Tomorrow I have to reverse in and out of cones – wish I had my old car back!!
I have put the new Rowan Alpaca Cotton in my store along with Winter Solace which is the supporting pattern book. Also the Colourscape Folk and Pure Life Winter Collection books.  Also the new Rowan Silky Tweed and Rowan Classic Heartland which supports Silky Tweed. The new Felted Tweed Aran and Chunky are also done!  Lots more to do tomorrow. It is time consuming taking photos and setting up the pages.
Tomorrow I have to go shopping in THE car – I am going very early so that there will not be too much traffic about. Wish me luck! Back tomorrow!

July 30th

My Mercedes SLK

My Mercedes SLK

Well, here it is!!  When I went to sign all the paperwork at the Mercedes dealership today, they presented me with a bottle of champagne!  I have not driven the car on the road yet but have spent the last half hour reversing back through a VERY small gate in our garden.  I was very nervous and to make things worse, the parking assistant beeps when you are near anything. As this was a small gap I was going through, it was beeping non stop which made me even more anxious.  John says I must practise everyday.  I hate reversing and will do anything to avoid it!!  I feel comfortable going forwards in the new car and shall venture to the shops in it tomorrow.
;I heard from Rowan today that the new yarns and books will not arrived until Monday.  The Lima is delayed and there will be none in the delivery.However, I can put everything in my store on Saturday as it is promised for Monday and I  would not be shipping until then even if I had it tomorrow.
Now I am going t have a rest – all this reversing has tired me out! Back tomorrow.

July 29th

Well, today has not been much of an improvement.  I could not connect to the internet at all when I got up this morning and so had to do everything via my iPhone and Blackberry which was somewhat tedious!
As soon as the shops were open I went and bought a new router. It was a pig to set up but I managed it in the end and, so far, so good.
John washed my car and did see the dent and asked me about it. I feigned innocence and, since I was in a bad mood due to the router, his comments slid off my back!
My new car is coming tomorrow sometime. I have arranged insurance at vast expense and so am ready to go! I will report on my first inching forward tomorrow!

July 28th

Ugh! Today has been a pain!!  It started OK as John went out fishing for the day and my big Debbie Bliss Fall order arrived and I have been able to hide it amidst other yarns.
Then I came indoors to put the Fez in my store only to find that my broadband connection had gone down. I tried my best to get it to work but no go! So I telephoned the support men in India and it took over an hour to get it right. Now I find that I cannot access my shop to put more things in it – I have had enough.
Some bad news too. I telephoned my brother last night and he has been in hospital – he has prostate cancer and is waiting for more test results. It was a shock as he seemed fine when I saw him a few weeks ago.
So, all in all, it has not been a very nice 24 hours and I have yet to face up to John when he finds the dent in my car tomorrow! Wish me luck!

July 27th

I have had a busy day today.  The Fall DB yarns are on their way to me and so I have been trying to make space – a hopeless task!
The company that host my store are adding a facility whereby customers will be able to log in and view their past orders and I am beta testing it for them – it is not working correctly at the moment!
I received a telephone call from a Rowan design consultant this afternoon. She is running a series of weekend knitting courses starting in September. If anyone is interested, the details are here.  I am offering a 10% discount on all yarn purchases to all that attend the course.
Remember when I drove my car into a tree in the supermarket car park? John has never noticed the dent! But I fear all is to be revealed as he says that he will wash the car before we hand it over on Thursday when I get the new one. There is no way that he will not see it – I shall be as amazed as he is!!  Back tomorrow.