31st August

Kauni EV

Kauni EV

Sorry I was AWOL yesterday – just a busy time!
We went out to dinner as planned on Saturday. I had an avocado pear with bacon, stilton cheese and balasmic vinegar dressing to start with and John had deep fried Camembert with a redcurrant saCe. Then I had an escalope of pork tenderloin topped with a slice of ham and cheese and John had a lemon sole. It was very nice and I enjoyed it.
I have ordered lots of Kauni yarn today – both laceweight and the normal weight. It should be here within a week – stand by!
Today is a holiday here in the UK and so no deliveries. Tomorrow is my birthday – wish I was eighteen again!
We have discovered what has been upsetting Slip’s tummy. She has been gorging on fallen plums – I caught her eating them by the dozen this morning. No wonder her tummy is upset!
Now I am going to sit in the sun for a bit and then it will be time to cook again. Back tomorrow!

29th August

I have had my hair cut and am getting ready to go out to dinner,we are going here to the Zodiac restaurant.  I have not been to it before but it is supposed to be nice.
Slip had another upset tummy in the night – obviously something is not agreeing with her and we are going to limit her to chicken and biscuits for a while,
Nothing much else to report – I will give a full review of our meal tomorrow.

August 28th

I am pleased to report that my eye is much better – no need for dark glasses today.  I am going out to dinner tomorrow but shall not wear my contact lenses as I think it would be asking for trouble.
I received the new shades of Louisa Harding Grace today but have not photographed them yet. I also received the last of the Rowan 4 Ply Cotton and 4 Ply Soft shade cards along with more Silky Tweed in Ember.
It is my birthday on Tuesday but we are going out to dinner tomorrow instead. Monday is a holiday here and so we figured that the fish at the restaurant on Tuesday might not be fresh and thought it was best to go tomorrow. I am having my hair cut at 8.30am and then will go grocery shopping for the long weekend. Back tomorrow.

August 27th

My eye is much worse – streaming with tears and so sore. I am wearing dark glasses as the light hurts it even more. I shall have to go to the eye unit at the hospital tomorrow.
I have reduced all Louisa Harding pattern books  by 25% – John is grumbling about the amount of books I seem to have accrued! Stock up now – they will make nice Christmas gifts!
Sorry, but I can’t write anymore – looking at the screen makes my eye sting like mad. I am going to put a cold face cloth over it now! Back tomorrow.

August 26th

My eye is feeling less scratchy today and so I think the drops are working. I shan’t put a contact lens in for a few days tho’.
It is wet here and cold – almost like winter. The chimney sweep is coming next week – I must keep Slip away from the soot!
I am expecting a Rowan delivery including Kidsilk Haze, Denim, Silky Tweed and other bits and pieces. I hope that the delayed shades of Lima will come soon too!
No other news – back tomorrow,

August 25th

Today has been disaster day.  My right eye has been feeling very dry since the weekend and when I woke up this morning it was really sore – stinging and feeling scratchy. I went to the opticians whilst shopping and I have a small corneal ulcer. It was most probably caused by my contact lens. So I have eye drops and if it is still hurting at the end of  the week I have to go to the eye department at the hospital.
Then this afternoon I was reaching up on tiptoe for a stack of Rowan magazines and they all fell off the shelf and hit me on the nose!  Don’t laugh – it hurt!  My nose bled and I have a bump on the bridge
.I received the two new shades of Cashsoft 4 Ply today along with some more Silky Tweed and Alpaca Cotton and more copies of Precious.
I am going to have a bath now and then sit with a patch over my eye – it is only comfy when shut! Back tomorrow.

August 24th

I am feeling much better now. I do still get shooting pains in my head but not as frequently as before and the blisters have almost gone.
I spent a lot of the day taking pictures of indivdual balls of Rowan Alpaca Cotton and British Sheep Breeds DK so that you can see a photo of an actual ball rather than just the color card.
I also made a change to my store – from now on, if you click on “continue shopping” you will be taken back to the last item you looked at rather than the home page. This will save a lot of clicking if you are buying several shades of the same yarn.
Now we are going to go and pick more blackberries for more pies! Back tomorrow.