October 23rd

My new iMac

My new iMac

Sorry I did not write yesterday. My new iMac arrived and it took me a while to get it set up. I had to download all the software that I need and install it. Everything is working OK now. It is huge – the screen is 27 inches.  It takes some getting used to after WIndows but I am getting there. I also have bought a new wireless printer but I have not unpacked it yet – I thought I had better get the iMac working and am using the old printer for the moment.

No deliveries today.  The Royal Mail  are on strike and so I did not even get any post.  My Bergere de France and books should come next week. I am going to get dinner ready now – venison in a red wine sauce with jacket potatoes and roast parsnips. Key Lime pie to follow!  Back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “October 23rd

  1. My iMac is looking at your iMac. Very pretty. The big screen does take some getting used to, I’ll admit.

    Mary, Queen of Oil

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