October 26th

Sorry I missed a day or two. It has taken me age to get the new iMac to work as I want it to.  I had lots of my passwords stored on my Windows PC and so have had to have new ones emailed to me. It is all working fine now and I am getting used to the different way of doing things.

We went out for a meal on Saturday night and I had Water Buffalo!  It was rather strong – I don’t think I would have it again. But I like to try different things – I have had Ostrich, Kangaroo, Emu, Peacock and Alligator!  Yesterday I cooked rack of lamb with sage – John does not like exotic things.

Slip is in season and so she most probably won’t be able to go on the first shoot next Saturday. She is going to start writing her blog again then.

No news on the yarn front – but I shall know about the new Rowan Spring range on November 14th – only seems a moment ago that I was ordering the Fall range!

I am going to knit now after I have made John a packed lunch to take fishing tomorrow!  Back then!


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