October 27th

Today has not been good!  First of all, when I opened the fridge this morning I found a lot of water in the bottom. I took everything out and discovered that the drainage hole was blocked and so had to poke about until the water ran away.

Next I went shopping and to the travel agent as I had received a payment via Western Union and had to collect it. I was there at 9.15 am only to find a notice on the door saying “Open at 9.30 today”.  So I waited and eventually the door was opened at 9.40 am.  A very rude assistant curtly told me that I would have to wait 10 minutes as she had not cashed up.  When she was ready, she then told me that I would have to come back tomorrow as she had forgotten her password and could not access the Western Union computer and it took 24 hours for her password to be reset! I was not best pleased.

The sales manager from Designer Yarns is coming to see me next Tuesday and will show me all the new Noro, Debbie Bliss, Louisa Harding, Mirasol and Araucania for next Spring.  He always gives me lots of sample balls and mock ups of the books.

John went fishing and caught one fish which is now in the fridge waiting for the oven tomorrow. Apart from that, nothing new on the horizon. I am going to have a bath now and a glass of wine – no, a Margarita, and dream of tropical skies!  Back tomorrow.


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