October 28th


Pull Tunique1

Le Pull Tunique by Bergere de France

I shall be selling ready made Pull Tuniques as shown in the photo above. It is a long line sweater with a deep V neck and it is heavily cabled. I have it coming in four sizes and prices are reasonable!

Still no success getting my Western Union payment. I went to the Travel Agent and filled in a long form only to be told that my name on the form filled in by the sender was not the same as mine!  It is my christian name that is wrong and so I have had to email my customer and ask her to check how Western Union have entered my name on the form!!

I then went to buy a new chair for my office as I need a higher one due to the big screen on my iMac.  I filled in the catalogue number of the one I wanted and the assistant went to get it.  It was self assembly and in a box so I did not examine it!  When John took it out of the box, it turned out to be bright pink and decorated with daisies!  I wanted a plain black one. On checking further, my receipt was for item #0971 and the box said #0917.  So it will have to go back!

Nothing new regarding yarn – I will have a hunt in my range of yarn mountains and see what I can put on special offer. Back tomorrow!



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