October 20th

Debbie Abrahams Beads

Debbie Abrahams Beads

Today’s photo shows the new range of Debbie Abrahams beads. They mostly come in two sizes – one for 4 ply yarn and one for DK. My delivery arrived today and I shall be putting them in my store tomorrow.
My new Blackberry came and I have set it up with no problem. It connects to my wireless network and so I can share my internet connection with it.
I am feeling a bit better today – just a bit tired. It is cold here now and we have a fire and the heating on. I need to buy some gloves!  Back tomorrow.


October 19th

I am feeling a bit queasy at the moment – I don’t know why.

I telephoned Vodafone today – my Blackberry is under contract with them – and explained that I needed a new data cable.  To my amazement they offered me a new Blackberry for free!  It will be here tomorrow!
John and Slip went fishing today  and came back with one trout which Slip will eat tomorrow.

No deliveries but I am expecting the Bergere de France and some more shawl pins any day now. I am going out for a walk now – I think I may feel better in the fresh air.  Back tomorrow.

October 17th

Bergere de France Fringed Coat

Bergere de France Fringed Coat

Just had a disaster in the kitchen!!  I put a saucepan of water on the hob to boil ready for some vegetables that I was peeling.  The water came to the boil and I put the vegetables in and started to tidy away the peelings.  Hmm!! A strange smell!  To my horror, the cable that connects my Blackberry to the charging socket in the wall had fallen across the hob and was rapidly melting.  It is ruined and I shall have to buy a new one tomorrow.  Luckily John was in another room but I was worried he would smell the melting plastic. I put the extractor fan on and sprayed the work surfaces with a strong-smelling cleaner! He did not find out!!
We did not go out to eat last night, we just went for a drink. I am cooking slow roast belly of pork with sage, onion and bacon stuffing, roast potatoes, carrots, cauliflower in cheese sauce, roast parsnips and sausages followed by apple strudel and cream.
Nothing new to report on the yan front today. I will be back tomorrow.

October 16th

Bergere de France Sleeveless Jacket

Bergere de France Sleeveless Jacket

Another Bergere de France pattern for you to see!!  My order is on its way.

We discovered that the washing machine was leaking today and so we had to pull it out ( why don’t they make them easier to move?) and John tightened up the connections on the water pipes and it seems OK now. We went to the butchers and he gave us a huge bag of “oddments” for Slip.  I cooked them – goodness knows what they were – there seemed to be heats, lungs, livers, all manner of pipes and tubes – Slip has eaten it all!! 

I received a large box of Rowan late this afternoon and have not unpacked it yet. Also a small box which contained Kim Hargreaves Precious and Thrown Together and some Wool Cotton.

You can now see the last five items that you looked at on my site – I thought it might be useful if you want to compare different things.  Now I am going to make toad in the hole!  Back tomorrow!

October 15th

Bergere de France Top

Today’s photo is a pattern by Bergere de France. I am going to stock their yarns and patterns and so here is a preview of a top that is knitted in Angel ( similar to Kidsilk Haze) and Chenille. I have placed my order and hope it will come soon.

The lawn mower saga continues…..John had only cut one width of the grass and the mower groaned to a halt!  He had run over one of Slips tuggers – these are plaited from cord – and it had wound itself round the prop shaft of the mower.  He had to take it to pieces and unravel the cord.  Then he set off again – 3 minutes later there was a bang. This time a twig from the walnut tree had got caught underneath the skirt of the mower!  He had to take it apart again – by this time he was not a happy bunny!  Eventually he did get all the mowing done!

Now I am going to have a bath as we are going out for a quick drink!  Back tomorrow.

October 14th

Coat and Teddy knitted by Alicia

Coat and Teddy knitted by Alicia

Today’s photo is of a babies’ coat and matching teddy knitted by one of my customers. She can knit them in custom colors – take a look at her online shop here.

The four new shades of Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk came today and I will put them in my store tomorrow.  Debbie Abrahams is now selling beads and I have ordered some – lots of lovely shades,

John has repaired the lawn mower and so we are trouble free at the moment.  I am going to watch a football match on TV now – back tomorrow.

October 13th

Opal Schafpate Yarn

Opal Schafpate Yarn

I received some Opal Shafpate sock yarn today and will put it in my store tomorrow. The yarn is made from rare breed German sheep and the colors are gorgeous.
My new washing machine came and we have plumbed it in and I have done a wash. We had another flood when connecting the hoses but I hope that is the end of it. Now the ride on mower has gone wrong – John is going to take it to pieces tomorrow.
I have a sore place behind my ear – in the fold of skin where the ear joins the head. It is very scaly and sore to touch.  I shall put some Witch Hazel on it – I find it is good for all sorts of skin irritations.
I am going to knit now – I am feeling tired again!  Back tomorrow