November 23rd

Well, it did not turn out to be the greatest of weekends since I last wrote.  We went out on Saturday night for a drink. The pub was heaving – Paul ( the drunken chef) was spit roasting a pig for 200 people – a 21st birthday party.  It is a very small old fashioned pub and, because it was pouring with rain, all 200 people came inside rather than be in the garden with the pig. It was manic – nowhere to sit down as the bar stools had been removed to allow more access. I hate standing up drinking – I wouldn’t stand up at home and so certainly do not want to go out and stand up clutching a glass.  Paul was swaying about between the bar and the pig – we did not stay long enough to see whether it ever got cooked!

When we got home my shoes were wet and I slipped on the kitchen floor and cracked my hip on the corner of the kitchen table. I know what you are thinking but I had only had 2 glasses of wine!  Now my hip is very painful – I am aware of anything touching it like my jeans when I bend down.

Yesterday it rained all day and was gloomy. Today it has rained again and the river is full to the brim. We shall never get flooded as our house is on the top of a hill.

Tomorrow the Rowan rep is coming at 10.00 am and so I will be able to tell you what is coming and what is being discontinued. My guess for discontinuations is Cotton Jeans and possibly Organic Cotton but I could be quite wrong.

Time for a bath and my Mojito – Back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “November 23rd

  1. I swear, you could write a best-selling book about your everyday adventures! A drunken chef roasting a pig for 200 people in the pouring down rain–what an image! We also need more stories from the past about Mrs. Dexter. I will never forget the story about the loaf of bread that moved on her counter because a mouse (or rat) was in it!

    So sorry to hear you fell and hurt your hip. Best have it x-rayed if it doesn’t feel better soon.

    Mary, Queen of Oil

  2. Oh! I did not realise I was amusing! I can tell loads of stories – I will do one each day. It was Mrs Jones who kept Dexter cows – she had mice in her house and they used to pop up out of the upholstery when you were having a drink. The loaf of cut bread used to move along the counter because of the mice in the bag! She had a pet lamb called Mint Sauce that lived in the sitting room and wore a nappy – not that it kept much in!
    She had a Range Rover and the upholstery was full of mouse holes! She used to telephone me and tell me to send my house maid of valet over as she had some fruit for me!
    She had the most beautiful fur coats – all eaten by moths. Very expensive cut glasses that had mouse droppings in them – we used to dread being offered a gin! I will tell you about the Pesian carpet tomorrow!

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