November 25th

Rowan Classic Casuals

Rowan Classic Casuals

Today’s pic is of the new Rowan Classic Casuals book which contains 12 deigns by Martin Storey, Yarns used are Milk Cotton DK, Organic DK, Pure Silk DK and Lenpur Lnen.

More discontinueds now! All Seasons Cotton : Ravish, Cheery, Pansy, Bark, Pistachio,Dusk, Cassis, Smoke, Tangerine,, Cement. 2 new shades in their place
Organic Ctton DK : Logwood, Yellow Wood, Myrobolan, Chrysanthemum. 1 new shade in their place
Fine Milk Cotton : Sherbert, Barley Sugar, Dip Dab, Bonfire Toffee, Tutti Frutti and Bon Bon. 6 new shades in their place.




The Rowan rep brought me a gift – she knew how much I like Rosie the pig in the Organic Kid’s Collection and so she knitted one for me!

One more piece of news! Rowan Studio 18 is devoted to the Felted Tweed family.

Now I was going to tell you about Mrs Jones and the Persian carpet.  For those of you who don’t know about Mrs Jones, she was an elderly lady who lived in the farm that is opposite my house on the other side of the valley. She was a widow and did not live in the farmhouse but had converted ( after a fashion!) the cow sheds and lived in them. She kept cows, sheep and Peacocks and had a very large Great Dane dog called Jason.  She was in her late seventies when we got to know her.

Her sitting room was very untidy – dog food, peacock food and sometimes even a peacock perched on a chair!  She had beautiful antique furniture and glasses but they had all gone to ruin through neglect.  One evening as we were having a gin and tonic she said that Wilfred, an old friend, was moving back to England from India and she would have to try and clean the Persian carpet in case he wanted it back.  Apparently, the filthy carpet under our feet was, in fact, a valuable Persian carpet that she had been looking after for Wilfred!  It was really dirty – muddy footprints, feathers and lots of other unmentionable things courtesy of Jason and the peacocks!  No way could she get it clean – it would need professional attention.  As luck would have it, Wilfred died before he could return and so the carpet stayed in the same state!

I will tell you about Mrs Jones tomorrow!



One thought on “November 25th

  1. It is just as well that poor Wilfred died when he did as he would surely have had a heart attack if he had arrived at the farm to collect his precious carpet, lol!
    I love eccentric characters like Mrs Jones as they are often very interesting and funny.

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