November 27th

winter Blooms

Kim Hargreaves' Winter Blooms

Today’s pic is of designs from Kim Hargeaves Winter Blooms which is going to be available any day now. It was promised for mid October but was delayed.

Now for some more discontinueds: Lenpur Linen : Sol.  2 new shades in this range  Pima Cotton : Discontinued: Citronella,Tango, Icing and Blue Wash. No new shades.Pure Silk DK : Discontinueds : Pumice, Lichen, Patience, Bliss and Raven.  No new shades.

As you can see, Rowan have slimmed down some of the ranges which is a good idea – it is impossible to stock all the shades when there are over 20 in some yarns. The new pattern books concentrate on existing yarns – I will tell you more about them tomorrow.

My chilblains are driving me mad – my fingers have gone from being sausage size to sausage dog size!!  They are either aching because they are cold or itching when they are hot. I have discovered that a starched net curtain is very good for scratching!!

We are going out for a drink now – only one or maybe two!  Back tomorrow.


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