November 29th

Rowan Summer Crochet

Today’s pic is Rowan Summer Crochet – their first book devoted entirely to crochet patterns.  There are 12 designs that use either Rowan Cotton Glace or Rowan Classic Siena.
I have bad news about Rusty. The vet telephoned yesterday and she has cancer and there is nothing they can do. So now I have to make the decision – do I watch her waste away or have her put to sleep? She is so thin – I can feel every bone in her body. She is eating a little but not with much enthusiasm. I think we will take her to the vet tomorrow – I don’t think she is in pain but it is no life for her. I did groom her today but I am afraid of hurting her with the comb – I could feel every bump in her spine. All her long fur has gone – she looks like a short-haired cat. But she still has her splendid whiskers. I just wish she would go to sleep and not wake up.
Sorry for being depressive – I will feel better once it is over. Back tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “November 29th

  1. {{Hugs}} J. So sorry to hear that. It’s a hard decision to make isn’t it. We lost our older cat Holly to cancer in the summer and it was very difficult 😦

    Will be thinking of you and Rusty.


  2. How sad about Rusty, but it sounds as if she wouldn’t have long anyway. You’re doing what I would do. What a good thing she isn’t in pain, and you have a little time to say goodbye.

  3. I come here every day to read about your life. Rusty has entered our lives through your writing. I feel sad for her, poor thing. All my sympathies are with you in this moment of though decision.

  4. I’m so sorry to hear about Rusty. We had a kitty who had inoperable cancer last Christmas and it was just heartbreaking. We spent the day in Animal Emergency and he was euthanized. There is never an easy way to deal with this but it will be a gesture of love to ease him on his journey. I’ll be thinking of you.

  5. A bit late to this, as I’ve been away for the US holiday.

    Again, I’m so very sorry. I think that you made the right decision, putting her down today; it’s so hard on us, the people, but I think better we suffer than the pet. I had to put down Pete, my favorite cat, this past Spring. It was agonizing, trying to decide how long to let him go, but ultimately, decided it was best not to let him go too long.

    We’re all thinking of you!

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