November 30th

A sad day. Rusty deteriorated during the course of the morning. She just lay still with her eyes open looking very weary. We took her to the vet after lunch . They examined her again and showed me her gums and tongue which had turned white meaning she was very anaemic. Rosemary felt her tummy again and said there was a hard mass and also smaller lumps and she thought it was most probably her liver with a tumor.  She said that really there was no point in doing anything and that it was time to call it a day. Rusty was just limp like rag doll on the examination table – it was horrid.  I signed the consent form and walked out with an empty basket.
So now I have to come to terms with it. We are going to burn her bed and I shall give all her food to an animal shelter that collects dog and cat food at our local supermarket. If I get a new kitten I can start again with new bedding.
Sorry, but I don’t feel like writing about yarn right now – I will OK tomorrow.


14 thoughts on “November 30th

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. You did the right thing though. It is so heart wrenching, unfortunately it is something every pet owner has to face sooner or later. Feel better!

  2. I’m so very sorry! It is, as Veronique says, heart wrenching. I know Rusty had a good life with you, John, and Jess, and that counts for a lot. Take care.

  3. I’m sorry for you and John; I know how much you loved Rusty, but she’s not in any pain anymore. Yet, it’s tough to get over the loss of a pet.


    Mary G.

  4. You’ve both had such a tough day and are grieving. It’s really hard to do the right thing and sometimes hard to know when is the best time to say farewell. Take some time to lick your wounds… I’m really sorry about your little pet.

  5. I am so sorry about Rusty! But she will always be with you and will know of your kindness for taking her in.

    A big Hug for you!

  6. I’m so sorry for your loss. I know just how you are feeling having very recently been through the same thing; the only minor consolation is that it was the right thing to do to save her from suffering.

  7. Thinking of you Jannette, had to do the same thing earlier in the year, you have made the right decision but it is very hard.

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