November 20th

Sorry I did not write yesterday – I was rushed off my feet.  I have extremely itchy hands with fingers like sausages – my chilblains are back in force.

I am in the dog house. John wanted a scythe out of the back of the garage yesterday and whilst in there, he noticed all the boxes of yarn. I have not been smuggling them in but I don’t think he realised quite how many there are!!  He grumbled and said I was addicted to buying!!  Maybe I am?!  I shall take no notice – he has not got a clue about buying and selling.

I got some new Knit Pro Spectra Acrylic needles today – they are very pretty. Nice for Christmas gifts. Also some Jamieson Spindrift and Autumn Rose kits.

Nothing else to report – perhaps tomorrow will be more exciting!


November 18th


Pollika Bayong Wood Oblong Shawl Pin

Good News!  Rusty seems a lot better – she suddenly started eating and seems starving. She started purring as soon as I took the foil lid off her tray of Sheeba and ate it all and is now on the second helping. I did worm her last week and I wonder if it upset her?  I shall keep a close eye on her, but I think she will be OK.

I have just been on the telephone to the travel agent and she is going to find me the best price for a flight to Jamaica in either February or March. She said that VIrgin have some special offers on first class flights at the moment, so fingers crossed!

John went to the doctor and he can have the lump removed in 2 weeks time. No need to go to a hospital, one of the doctors in the surgery can do it.

We are going out tonight for a drink and to suss out a new Indian restaurant that has opened very close to our house. We want to drive by and see how busy it is and, if it looks OK, we shall book a table.

Now I must away to my packing shed. Back tomorrow.



November 17th


Daisy Shawl Pin in Bayong Wood

Daisy Shawl Pin in Bayong Wood

My new wood shawl pins came today – they are lovely. Also Woolly Wormhead hat patterns and Trekking Hand Art sock yarns arrived.

I am still very worried about Rusty. She is eating next to nothing and is so thin. I think we will take her to the vet tomorrow – I fear something is very wrong.  Slip was in big trouble today! We suddenly noticed that she was sitting on the lawn with “something” in her mouth. On investigating, we found that she had stolen a dead pheasant that was hanging in the back of the Land Rover. This is strictly a “no no” and she was put in the kennel for punishment for an hour!

John has a doctor’s appointment tomorrow as he has a lump on the top of his ear. It does not hurt but he does not like it. I think it is some sort of cyst – maybe the doctor will be able to remove it.

Now I am going to have my bath – I am so hot as we have a wood fire and it seems to have made the room over warm. Back tomorrow.


November 15th

I survived the evening!   Kevin and Joanne picked us up and off we went.  I knew most of the other people who were eating with us. The meal was awful!!  The landlord of the pub used to be a chef – in fact he was a chef at the hotel when we had our weeding reception many moons ago.  He is very nice but, and it is a big but, he is a very heavy drinker. You never see him without a glass of whisky in his hand – even at 10.00 am in the morning.  Consequently as the day wears on, he is not quite with it!

There was pate to start with – not much can wrong with that surely?  Hmm!!  The toast accompanying it had been buttered and so was very soggy – I never put butter on toast for pate. Also the toast was not cut in nice small triangles or fingers – jut a big slice of bread cut in half.  Next was the loin of pork which John had provided from our butcher. It was so fatty. When I cook it, I cook it for 3 hours minimum very slowly, this had been cooked quickly and so the fat had not run off. The crackling was burnt  too as were the roast potatoes. Carrots and cauliflower were of the frozen variety.  Then there was a cheese board – mousetrap variety!!   There was plenty of wine and so I filled up with that!

As well as out party of ten, there was another shooting party of eighteen eating. It was too many for Paul to cope with – it is a small pub and we were jammed in like sardines.  I was good and did not air my views on shooting. We were home by 9.0pm having got there at 5.0pm. Kevin left his car at the pub and his daughter, Hannah, came to fetch them and give us a lift home.  She had passed her driving test the day before and had never driven in the dark. Plus is was pouring with rain and very windy but it was OK.

Today I am cooking chicken curry with rice followed by a summer fruit pie with custard. Slip has roast pheasant.  Rusty appeared before we went out but was gone when we got home and I have not seen her since.  If there were houses near I would begin to think she has a second home but there are no houses for miles except for my neighbour and he hates cats and would not encourage her.

Now I mut go and see to the curry  and take Slip’s pheasant off the bone.  Back tomorrow.

November 14th

I am going to the shoot dinner.  I thought I might as well as otherwise I shan’t go out this weekend.  Kevin’s wife, Joanne, is also coming. I like Joanne and so can chat to her!

I am very worried about Rusty. I have not seen her since about 6.0pm yesterday. It has been very wet with gales here all day and I cannot think where she could be. Also I noticed that she has lost a lot of weight – I put it down to her being more active but now I am not so sure.  I hope she comes before we go out.

I am going to get ready now as we are eating at 5.0 pm.  Back with a report tomorrow!

November 13th

Well, the shoot dinner has taken a twist.  We went to the pub on Wednesday night so that John could discuss the menu with the chef and when the chef asked how many would be eating, John said 10 and then said “Unless you are coming?” to me.  So I can go if I want to but the question is, do I?  I am scared I shall loose my cool when I have had a few drinks and tell these men just what I think of them killing birds for fun!  I have until tomorrow lunchtime to decide!!

We went to the butcher today to get a loin of pork for the dinner – we went in my car and John insisted on driving very fast in the pouring ran and then braking really hard – to see if the ABS was working correctly. I was a bundle of nerves by the time we got home.

Nothing new on the yarn front – Rowan are having their presentation of the new Spring yarns tomorrow but it is too far for me to go. I should get details next week tho’.  Now I am going to peel some prawns ready for dinner.  Back tomorrow.

November 11th


lantern moon

Coming soon...Lantern Moon Silk Needle Cases

Today we went to a Barn shop as John wanted some new shooting trousers. It was quite a long way and we got lost as usual!  He found some trousers that he liked but they did not have his size and so we will need to go back next week.

We are going to the pub this evening as John wants to speak to the chef. The shoot are having a meal there on Saturday after they finishing shooting.  I get cross about this because some of the wives go to the shoot and help pick up the dead birds and they get to go to the meal but I am not invited.  It goes against my principles to have anything to do with the shooting of birds but I feel left out when I have to spend the evening at home alone.  And, to make matters worse, other people who have nothing to do with the shoot, get to go and eat.  John usually borrows my car to go to the meal but he is not having the keys this time.  I think I shall put itching powder in his trousers so he has an uncomfortable time – I wonder where I can buy some?!!!

I am expecting some cheap(er) Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino tomorrow – 10 packs in each of 6 or 7 shades. Otherwise not much more to report. Now I am going to search for itching powder on the ‘net!  Back tomorrow.