December 31st

Sore eyes! Sore eyes!  I made a dip this afternoon and chopped up some chillies and then an onion. The onion made my eyes water and, without thinking, I wiped them. Juice from the chillies was still on my fingers… my eyes are stinging like fire!!

Slip was a bad dog today. She stole a french baguette from the counter top and chewed it into small pieces!  There were crumbs everywhere.  Also she is forever trying to get into the fridge- as soon as I open the door she is there – sniffing and peering!

We are not going out tonight. We have a bottle of champagne but shall drink it long before midnight and be in bed before 12 strikes. Nothing special planned for tomorrow. It is so cold that I do not fancy going out anywhere. It is a national holiday in the UK and so all shops are closed.  Not long till Monday and thinks are back to normal!

Happy New Year!! x x

December 30th

We went for the Indian meal, Steve and Lynn and Andy and Kay also came.  I did not enjoy it very much. The menu was yards long and yet everything seems to taste the same.  I had garlic mushrooms followed by crab in some sort of sauce. The others all had chicken in various forms and I tried a bit of each one and I could not really taste any difference between them.  Oh, and when I put my new dress on, John said he did not like it and that I looked like a washerwoman!  So I did not wear it and I shall take it back. Not a good start to the evening!

Nor was it a good start to today. My broadband connection was SO slow – minutes to load a page if it loaded at all. I tried unplugging the router and switching it on again – no difference. So I went shopping, hoping it would be better on my return. It was not. I telephoned support in India and braced myself for a difficult conversation. The support man said that BT ( my ISP) had experienced a major outage and were updating some equipment and it would be fixed in 24 hours.  After lunch I realised that I  could check the system status by connecting to the BT status site with my iPhone. To my amazement it said that there were no known problems with the network.  So I telephoned India again!  A different man assured me that there were problems and then, just as I was talking to him, I clicked to see if it was still slow and it was normal again. So all is OK now but it was extremely frustrating.

It has rained all day and seemed to hardly get light – most depressing. I am still sorting through my spare bedroom and listing things – there is so much!  Back tomorrow.

December 27th

Phew! It seems like a month of Sundays here!  At least tomorrow will be a bit more normal with postal deliveries and collections and the shops will be open.

We saw a strange thing last night. I was in the bath and John had taken Slip for a walk. Suddenly I heard loud banging on the patio door and so I rushed to the door – nude and dripping – and John was there signalling that I should open the door.  High in the sky there were about 20 objects moving in line from right to left.  They were not planes or helicopters – there was no noise at all. We did not know what to think – were they aliens?!!  It was most odd and neither of us had ever seen anything like it before.  Next day I searched on the internet and have concluded that these objects were Chinese lanterns. Apparently they are often mistaken for UFOs. You can read about them here.

John is shooting tomorrow BUT some of the guns are going for an Indian meal in the evening and I am going too!  I have spent the best part of the afternoon trying to set up my new wireless printer and, after a lot of trial and error, it is now working correctly and I can print to it from all my computers in all rooms!!  Back tomorrow.

December 26th

This is a photo of Eclipse who is the father of my unborn kitten. He is so handsome…….I wish he were mine!

Today has been uneventful and rather boring!  We packed some parcels and then I started sorting out the yarns in the spare bedroom.  I am tackling the Jamieson’s first and have put some Spindrift in my shop and have lots more to photograph. It was such a dull day that I had trouble taking photos of the red shades and will have to try again tomorrow. I also found some jumbo Addi  turbo circular needles that I did not know I had! I have put them in my shop with the other Addis.

Tomorrow I am venturing out to the grocery store as I need a few things. The snow has gone and it is safe to drive again!  I will write more tomorrow!

December 25th

I am writing this earlier than usual as I have to cook lunch and I expect we will have a few drinks and then I shall feel tired!

We went to the pub last night!  Paul, the drunken chef, decided to make some cookies and cook them over the open fire!  It was a disaster. The dough was too moist and spread out and made one giant cookie which expanded and expanded and dripped off the sides of the baking tray into the fire!!  This in turn made the fire hiss and spit!  The cookie was burned on the bottom and tasted very smokey!   Then there was a problem!  People were buying drinks and asking for them to be put on their slates ( tabs in the US ) . These slates were carry-overs from the night before. Only trouble was that the barman could not find them. He asked Paul where they were and Paul said he had used any bits of paper that were behind the bar to light the fire that morning!  So all the slates from the day before are gone!  Free drinks for all those people.

My brother just telephoned to say they like the hamper of cheeses that I sent them!  They sent us a chocolate hamper with champagne and an assortment of all kinds of chocolates.  I feel full as it is!  We are having roast chicken with sage and chestnut stuffing, roast potatoes, honey roasted root vegetables, brussels sprouts and sausages!  Then a woodland fruit pie. I am not in the least bit hungry but maybe I will be by the time we eat.  If not, Slip will oblige!

Now, back to the oven!

December 24th

The lunch went without a hitch yesterday and the beef carbonnade went down well – Slip had two helpings!!  There was one scary moment when my sister in law announced that she knew of someone’s Bengal cat trashed two sofas and a pair of velvet curtains.  And it sits on the toilet -no need for a litter tray!! Not sure what John thought about that!  They left about 3.30 pm so that they could do part of the journey in daylight.  John and I had to pack 22 parcels in less than half an hour before the postie came at 4.0 pm.  We just managed.

I had my hair cut this morning at 8.30 and unwisely accepted a glass of champagne.  It made me feel very woozy! I then braved the grocery store which was like a frenzy. People grabbing food as if there was never going to be any again.  We are going to the drunken chef pub tonight for a drink – I expect chaos!

Tomorrow we are having a large chicken – a turkey is too much for two.  Slip is looking forward to it – she will eat anything – cabbage, carrots, parsnips, chestnuts…….all goes down with gusto!

Now I must go and have a bath and get ready to go out.  Have a lovely day tomorrow and God bless!