January 26th

My Debbie Bliss Spring delivery came today.  I was not expecting it. I received the new Eco Baby and Amalfi yarns, the new shades of Cashmerino Baby and the Eco Baby and Amalfi pattern books The Amalfi is lovely – a sort of “chalky” feel to it. I shall put it in my store tomorrow. I also received the 2 new shades of Noro Kureyon sock yarn. Also Rowan Spring/Summer shade cards

I finished and submitted our tax returns today and so that is a weight off my mind.   I did it all on line and it worked it all out for me as I went along – much easier than doing a paper return.

John is making noises about going salmon fishing in March. Kevin is going and has told John there is a vacant rod. I don’t mind if he does go – I shall have Jackson by then!!  I still have to buy a bed for him and a climbing post/scratching post. Oh, I think a new carrier too as ours is very large. We bought it to hold 3 Siamese cats and it is awkward in the car. I shall have a look on the internet now!!  Back tomorrow.


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