January 31st

I have just ordered a walking jacket for Jackson!!  The person who makes them has a Bengal cat and the photo is of her cat, Otis, modelling a jacket!  I have ordered one in leopard print velour – I can see Jackson having a whole wardrobe of these in different colors and fabrics! Some for winter, spring, summer and fall!!

Now to last night.  It all went a bit pear shaped.  John and Slip came home from shooting at 5 pm ad John said Steve and Lyn were picking us up at 6.30pm.  Hah! They arrived at 6 and so I was hardly ready and in the ensuing panic I forgot my iPhone!

When we arrived, we saw that not only was there a table laid for us but also another one laid for a 60th birthday party. There was no room to swing a cat.  We had a drink or two ( John watching me like a hawk to see how much I was drinking!) and then we sat down. There were 17 of us and only 14 chairs around the table!  Chairs had to be brought down from upstairs were Paul lives. The first course was French Onion soup. It was horrid – like washing up liquid.  Then came the roast beef. The plates were swimming with blood – I put the beef straight in my handbag for Slip. The cabbage was so overcooked it was almost white.  I did not eat anything.  Then the cheeseboard which was the best thing. At least the cheese was – but not the stale, soggy biscuits.

Whilst we were eating ( or in my case, not eating) water suddenly gushed through the ceiling!  The man that Paul had shaved the other night was upstairs having a bath!!   Paul got an ice bucket and set it on the floor to catch the water!

By this time, the 60th birthday party people had arrived! The noise was deafening – you could not speak to anyone and be heard. I think we left about 9.0 – I did not drink too much ( no chance of that with old hawk eye watching me!) and so felt fine this morning!

I have put the new Rowan Casual Classics in my store and also some discontinued Kid Classic.  Tomorrow is a big unpacking day – all the new Rowan.. Back then!


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