January 24th

My broadband connection is still good and so I am going to cancel the engineers visit.

Jackson’s breeder is sending me some up to date photos tomorrow. John is still vaguely protesting about him but I am ignoring him.  Everyone else is very supportive and tell him not to be so mean!

The Addi rep is coming to see me tomorrow. I have never had an Addi rep visit and so it will be interesting.  Hopefully they will be easier to get hod of now that there is a new UK distributor. Needles are very muddly things because of the three sizings – metric, US and old english and the lengths being in both centimetres and inches.

We had rabbit for lunch today. I made up the recipe as I went along. I jointed and fried the portions and then fried some celery, onions and bacon and made a sauce with chicken stock, cream, Worcestershire sauce and garlic. I put it all in the oven and cooked it slowly and it was very tender.

We went to the pub last night. The second drunken chef was not there. Paul looked dreadful – ashen.  The pub was very quiet and we did not stay long.

Now I am going to clean my oven and then have a bath! Back tomorrow.


January 23rd

This morning I was able to connect to the internet using my iPhone as a modem. As this is expensive, I just answered my emails and disconnected. Suddenly I noticed that emails were still coming – I looked at my router and the broadband connection was working again!  In the meantime, I received a text from the engineer to tell me to expect him on Monday afternoon!  I am not going to cancel the appointment yet in case it goes wrong again.  If it is still OK on Monday morning, I will cancel.  The whole thing is a complete mystery!

John and Slip are out shooting. We are not going out to eat – I am going to make a curry. We shall go out for a drink later and see what is happening with the drunken chefs!  I will report back tomorrow!

January 22nd continued

It is now 6 pm here and no broadband and no word from the telephone company. I have managed to type all the invoices and labels for today’s parcels and they are on their way. It is very slow as I have to look at all the details on the iPhone and then type them into a wordprocessing program and then print them.

I have lots of discontinued things ready to put in my shop but without broadband I cannot do anything. I am so frustrated !! Back tomorrow.

January 22nd

I have no Broadband connection and am doing everything on my iPhone which is sooo tedious. The fault may not be repaired until Monday.
I cannot put anything in my shop but can still receive order notification as they are sent to the iPhone. I am totally fed up and a gas oven would be welcome! More later.

January 20th

I am not feeling very well today. I slept badly last night and had lots of bouts of cramp in my calves and toes. It was agony – my legs feel bruised today. It has been grey all day but no snow.

John has not mentioned Jackson today – not sure if that is a good or bad sign. Anyway, he is coming!! John forgets how he went swanning off to Scotland fishing when we had only had Slip for 3 weeks and I was expected to look after her. If he keeps on, I shall remind him of this!

The last shoot day is January 30th and we are all going for a meal at the drunken chef’s. Actually there will be 2 drunken chefs by then!! George who is about the same age as Paul has lost his job as the hotel where he worked has closed and so he is coming to “help” Paul.  If anything, he is a heavier drinker than Paul. I remember many many years ago when we went on a pub outing to France and George got so drunk before we even got into the ferry that he had to stay behind in England and go to a hospital for treatment!!  So this dinner should be interesting!

Now I am going to have a bath and watch TV. Back tomorrow.

January 19th

Hmm…..John has now started raising objections about Jackson!  He says it is not a good time of year but I disagree. At this time of year we have the doors and windows closed and so there is no chance of him escaping when he is not used to us.  The only danger is the open fire but we can put a guard up.  I think John will raise objections what ever time of year it is and so I am not taking any notice.  Just wish I had an easy going husband!!

I had a delivery of Czech glass buttons today – they are so pretty. I have a weakness for buttons and beads. Also some Knit Pr0 shawl pins, Knit Pro buttons, stitch markers and needle tip stands. I have not had time to put them all in my store yet but will do so tomorrow.

Nothing much else to report – snow is forecast for tomorrow again. Back then!

January 18th

I ordered some toys for Jackson today including one of these:

It is a Turbo Track which you can clip together in different configurations!  The ping pong ball rolls round the track when the cat taps it!  I have ordered extra “hills” – the curved high rise piece!  I also ordered various feathered toys that you dangle on kong rods and also a fearsome thing called a Kitty Kopter!  Next are the scratching posts and activity centers!

Kauni emailed me today to say that my parcel is on the way. Also the new Czech buttons should be here tomorrow. I expect the new Debbie Bliss and Noro will start arriving before the end of the month too – must make some space!!  Off to look at cat activity centers now. Back tomorrow.