February 29th

Jackson on my desk

Jackson on my desk

Jackson has discovered the radiator behind my desk and sits there whilst I am at my Mac.  He has been naughty – details are in his blog.
We went out for a meal last night – I had steak which was nice and John had fish. Then we went to the drunken landlord’s pub for a drink – he was very much worse for wear and seemed to be in a daze. The pub was nearly empty – I don’t think he will be able to stay as landlord unless he pulls himself together.
I had a mishap just now. I thought I would roast some celeriac with walnuts and cheese to go with our roast pork for lunch. I decided to par boil the celeriac before roasting it. I completely forgot about it and it boiled dry and the kitchen was full of steam! I managed to rescue the pieces that had not touched the base of the pan and I think there will be enough. I also have managed to clean the pan, so all is not lost.
Now I must go and see to the roast potatoes and make a pudding – back tomorrow.


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