February 24th

Not a good day so far. It now seems that my replacement box of Kauni is also missing. It seems to have been placed on a flight from the Netherlands and then nothing.
The new Furin from Noro along with the remaining shades of Taiyo came today – also some new SIlk Garden Lite and Silk Garden Sock and the World of Nature #29. I will put them in my store tomorrow.
Jackson is being good and I can leave him out of his cage when I go outside to pack parcels – he goes in his hammock and waits for me to come back. I have purchased some nail clippers to trim his claws with.
John is not going to London to have lunch with Kevin tomorrow. He had the hands free phone fitted in his Land Rover yesterday and it works well. My car is already wired for a phone but I need to have something done so that I can use it with my iPhone. I don’t really think I can justify the cost as I never use it whilst in the car! Speaking of cars…….I have my eye on a Mercedes SL 500 – the big brother to my SLK. It is black with red leather. If only I could win the lottery – this is not very likely as I do not do it.
Now I must away to the kitchen – I am cooking Oriental Belly of Pork with Rice, Peas and Prawn Crackers! Back tomorrow.


2 thoughts on “February 24th

  1. My vet always cuts the cat’s claws with people nail clippers. She said they work best. I’ve found that to be true, too.
    Jackson is breathtakingly gorgeous.

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