February 25th

I am trying to write this whilst Jackson is asleep – once he wakes up, there is no peace!  He loves chasing my mouse as I click it to move around the screen.
Still no Kauni box – but I think we are getting there. Apparently they were searching for my house by post code and it is called Partridges in the national database but the box is addressed to #1 and so they could not find the address. Everything else from Kauni has always been delivered to #1 with no problem so I don’t know why it is different this time. Kauni have forwarded the house name and so, hopefully, it will arrive soon.
I am going to clip Jackson’s claws in a moment – I think he will let me. Otherwise he will have to go to the Vet!!
I am getting some Noro at a special price next week……stand by!! Back tomorrow.


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