February 16th

Jackson has certainly taken to his hammock!  He has been a good boy today and played with Slip most of the time.
I had an email from Kauni to say that my box of yarn is lost and they are sending me replacements. How on earth a big box of yarn can get lost beats me.
It is cold and wet here. Steve and Lynn are going to Jamaica today – Steve telephoned from London airport to say their flight is delayed for 4 hours – not a good start. But I still envy them.
I have put the new Debbie Bliss magazine in my store.  No Rowan delivery – all quiet on the wool front. Now Jackson is crawling all over me  – he has a new video to post! Back tomorrow!


February 15th

Debbie Bliss Magazine #4

I received the new Debbie Bliss magazine today but have not had chance to look at it or put it in my shop yet. Jackson takes all of my time – he is constantly on the go and I have to play ball and hunt the dragonfly!  He is very intelligent and goes back into his pen if he needs to use the litter tray or have a drink.  We grumbled at him last night when he kept going near the fire – I was told to hiss at him and so I did and today he has not been near the fire.
John’s Land Rover had to go in for repairs today – he backed into a tree (ha! ha!) and has to have a new wing. It will be gone for 3 days and so he is not a very happy bunny as he cannot go round the shoot wood in the hire car!
I am expecting a Rowan order – I received an invoice for some Kidsilk Haze in Wicked today – I certainly have not received the yarn. It said it shipped on the 5th February. I called Rowan and they, in turn, checked on the DHL website and it said processing. Hmm – things do not normally take 10 days! Also no sign of my Kauni yarn which has been a month in transit.
I am going to get Jackson’s Turbo Track out now – got to keep him occupied! Back tomorrow.

February 14th

Jackson has written his blog and I am finding it impossible to write mine as he is on my lap and constantly tapping the keyboard on my laptop! He and Slip are now firm friends which is good as it means Slip keeps him entertained with endless games of “Catch me if you can!” No good trying to write this –  he is back again and on the keyboard!  I give up!

February 13th

What's behind here?

Look at my beautiful coat

As you can see, Jackson is into everything – when he is out of his pen I dare not take my eyes off him. Slip is still a bit jealous but Jackson does not seem to be afraid of her – I saw him bat her bottom this afternoon…….and quickly run away!   My only hope of any peace is to wear him out and then he will sleep for an hour or two. He is eating well and purring non stop and so I think he is happy.
We are not going out to eat tonight as I do not want to leave him for too long – he cannot come to any harm in his pen, but I feel we should be around as much as possible for the first few days.
My cold is getting better and I feel OK.  Tomorrow is Valentine’s day and I have bought John a bottle of Port – not very romantic!  Back tomorrow.

February 12th

Phew! I am worn to a frazzle. Jackson is non-stop! When he is out of his pen he is into everything – climbing the walls and leaping from chair to chair.  He is still afraid of Slip but I did see them touch noses this afternoon. He hates being put back in the pen and yells non stop for about 15 minutes, climbing up the pen and trying to push the lid open.  I ignore him because he must learn that I am not going to let him out every time he cries. I have taken a video of him but have to convert it to a format that Windows users can read as my Mac saves it in a different format – I will do it tomorrow.
I was going to have my hair cut tomorrow but have cancelled as I don’t want to leave Jackson for that long. I shall just go grocery shopping and them come back. John and Slip are going pigeon shooting.
We are going out for a quick drink, hopefully Jackson will go to sleep . Back tomorrow – Jackson is writing his blog now.

February 11th……Continued

Jackson has written the first  page of his blog – you will find it here.  He is asleep at the moment but these sleeps do not seem to last long……he wakes up and yells at the top of his voice until I take him out of the pen. But I am not always going to do this – I can see he is very strong willed and will soon have me under his paw if I am not careful.  I am going to have a bath whilst he is asleep!

February 11th

Jackson is here!   Nothing went smoothly!  I had sussed out the route from the breeder’s postcode which I found on the internet. Off we went and found the place without much difficulty. No sign of Glitterglam Bengals outside any of the houses in the road where it should have been.  So I telephone and say we are lost!  It turns out I had taken the postcode from their old address and they now live some 30 miles away from where we were.  John was not best pleased with me!!
Off we went again, John huffing and puffing all the way. I tried to phone again when we got near to where I thought the house was but could not get through. Eventually we found it – a lovely house with a river in the garden. I signed lots of papers and then was taken to the cats’ quarters which were in the garden.
Jackson was fetched – he is so small! He was born on 11th November ( coincidentally, this is the day Harley was put to sleep. We put him in the basket and I put it on my lap and we were homeward bound. He yelled the whole way and was biting the wire door of the basket and trying to get out. I put him in the pen in the lounge when we got home. He has been out and we have had a game with a dragonfly on a piece of wire! He is very agile and can climb up the wire sides of the pen quick as a flash.
Slip is not being very good – she is growling at him and barking but Jackson hisses back! I have not let them loose together yet – it is early days.
Jackson’s coat is beautiful – so soft and he has a spotted tummy. I feel sad because he must miss his Mummy and brothers and sisters but I suppose he will settle in a day or two.
I have not had time to do much on the yarn front – I have put the new Louisa Harding Belle book in my store. Now I must get Jackson’s dinner – half a pouch of Kitten Whiskers.  Back tomorrow.