March 26th

Sorry I have not written for a few days. My scalded hand has been very troublesome and slows me down. It is still a horrid livid red – rather like a birth mark.
I am hoping the Amy Butler yarn will arrive next week and also the Filatura. I am also getting some Silk Garden Chunky at a good price – God knows where I am going to put it!
I am going to look for some new trousers tomorrow – I seem to live in jeans and really could do with some smarter ones.
Jackson has grown and the good news is….John has taken to him. He is not a cat person but Jackson seems to have won him round and he mentions him to everyone we meet and also encourages him to sit on his lap. I am pleased about this as it makes for an easier life. He is a beautiful cat to look at but it is his personality which is the most endearing thing. He only has to be told NO once and he knows that it is a bad thing to do. I must persevere with the walking jacket!!
Now I am going to make some rhubarb and ginger fools – rhubarb is in season here! Back tomorrow.


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