March 30th

Today has not been a good one so far.  John has bought an air purifier as he thinks there is a lot of dust in the house. He decided we must spring clean the bedroom which involved vacuuming under the mattress, dusting all cupboard tops and so on. I had to vacuum inside all the clothes cupboards and behind the radiators  – I hate vacuuming!!  Then he set the machine in motion – it caught very little dust, I think he has a phobia about it.  Next in line for a blitz is my office – ugh!
Jackson has an upset tummy – I have not deviated from his usual menu and so I do not know what has caused it. He had an accident” in my office and I have had to scrub the carpet – I am rapidly starting to feel like a house maid. I shall just feed him biscuits for a day or two.
Nothing new on the yarn front to report. I am going to cook a beef curry now! Back tomorrow.


One thought on “March 30th

  1. I’ll come vacuum for you–I love to vacuum! I especially like to vacuum the walls and ceilings for a little variety from vacuuming the carpeting. (I hate to dust, though.)

    Mary, Queen of Oil

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