March 19th

Filatura di Crosa Baby Kid Extra

The Filatura rep came and I ordered some Superior, some Baby Kid Extra and some Centolavaggi. There are six new Superior shades including a lovely red, a deep jade green and a beautiful cobalt blue.
The parking assistant on my car has ceased beeping when I near an obstacle – the warning lights still come on but no sound! Actually I do not mind as I find the warning noise rather off-putting as it always makes me think a collision is about to happen.
It is wet here today but not cold.  Tomorrow I am having my hair cut at 8.30am and then going grocery shopping. I don’t think we shall go out to eat as there is a game of rugby on TV which John wants to watch. Maybe I could suggest a chinese takeaway! Back tomorrow.


March 18th

Rosewood Tudor Rose Shawl Pin

Sorry I did not write yesterday!  I have been busy not least of all with Jackson who is getting bigger and stronger by the minute!
I had the most embarrassing thing happen yesterday – I cannot write about it here but if you want to know what it was, email me!! Was my face red? I wished the floor would open and swallow me up!!
The Filatura rep is coming tomorrow and I shall be interested to see their yarns and new pattern books.
I have put more Indian shawl pins in my store – I have to say that this company were delightful to deal with, very polite and on the ball. I hope these pins sell well because I think it is important that we support people who work for very little money in poor conditions. So open your purses. ladies!!
I am cooking spaghetti with clams for dinner – I have not had clams before and so am interested to see what they are like. John will not eat them ( afraid of gout!) and so he is having beef in black bean sauce with rice.
Now I must go as Jackson is thinking of jumping up and balancing on top of the TV…….never a dull moment! Back tomorrow.

March 16th

Rosewood Shawl Pin

I received a big box of beautiful shawl pins from India today. They are in various woods including Rosewood, Teak and Ebony as well as bone ones. I will start putting them in my store tomorrow.
Jackson has been a pain today – generally into everything and being a nuisance. He is so quick and can slip through open doors before I can shut them.
Tomorrow we are going to look at lawn mowers again – I just go along for the ride as I have no interest in mowers!
I am cooking jacket potatoes filled with cheese and bacon for dinner followed by Chocolate Heaven which consists of Brownies soaked in sherry in the bottom of a glass, then a layer of cherries, then more brownies and cherries, all topped with whipped cream and toasted hazel nuts. Back tomorrow

March 15th

Nothing exciting has happened since I last wrote. Some more Rowan Felted Tweed Herb and Tangerine has arrived and I have put it on special offer.  It is sunny here but the wind is cold – Spring is not here yet!
I am ordering from Jamieson tomorrow and so if anyone wants anything, please email me. likewise, if anyone wants anything ordered from Filatura di Crosa please let me know and I can order it with the rep on Friday.
Now I have to cook a chicken curry for dinner. No rest for the wicked! Back tomorrow.

March 13th

Pollika Arches Shawl Pin

The Pollika shawl pins came today – they are very attractive. I will put them in my shop tomorrow.
I am doing “A button a day” special offer with a different one on offer for 24 hours every day. Be sure to fill your button boxes up!!
We are not going out to eat tonight – I am cooking Chinese and Indian snacks – filo wrapped prawns, chicken satay on sticks, onion bhajis and vegetable samosas ……rather fiddly to make but I expect I shall manage.
Jackson is getting very strong – he can leap out of his cage in one bound and jump up onto my shoulder. I must clip his claws again as he digs in to get a grip and it HURTS!
It is sunny today but cold – the crocus are out and it does feel a teeny bit like Spring.
Now I must away to the kitchen and start cooking. Back tomorrow.

March 11th

I received Jane Ellison’s Noro Kids late this afternoon and so I have not had time to photograph it yet. The designs are very cute and don’t take much yarn and so will be good for using up oddments.
The Filatura di Crosa rep is coming to see me on the 19th of this month. I have ordered the Superior but will also order some Zara and other things when he comes.
I have also been approached by a company called Rico ( I think they are German ) asking if I would like to stock their yarns. Does anyone know of them? Any comments?
Now I am going to play with Jackson as he is being a nuisance climbing up on the television table and trying to chase the football! Back tomorrow

March 9th

It is a cold, grey day here. John and I have been to look at new lawn mowers – not very exciting!
I found my missing boots! They were in the cupboard where the ironing board and the vacuum cleaner ( Jackson’s enemy ) live. Quite how they got there I have no idea!!
I am expecting deliveries of Shawl Pins, Rowan Felted Tweed and various bit and pieces. The new Amy Butler yarns are coordinated with her fabric range – hmm! wonder if I should stock fabric – I rather like the idea of having bolts of pretty material. But where could I store it? No, maybe it is not a good idea!
I must dash as the postman will be here in 2 minutes and I have not finished tying up my sacks. Back tomorrow,