April 28

Sherbert from Rowan Studio #19

Rowan Studio 19 arrived today  The patterns are very pretty and nice for summer  – definitely a must for Kidsilk Haze fans.
Apart from that, nothing much else has happened. Jackson was growled at by Slip this morning as he bit her back leg quite hard. If Slip does not respond when he wants to play, he bites! Slip will only stand so much and then she growls! I think John is going fishing for the day tomorrow with Kevin – but it is not definite – if I knew for sure I would arrange a delivery of illicit yarn!
I am going to harvest some asparagus from my flower bed now – I always forget about it until it is too far gone. Back tomorrow!

April 26th

Sorry I have not written for the last two days. I have been busy and feeling tired.
Jackson escaped out of the patio door this afternoon and climbed up into a laurel bush that overhangs my neighbours garden. I did not want him to jump down into their garden as they run a motor business and there are cars shunting around all the time. I was able to climb into the bush and get his back legs and pull him down. He was yelling and spitting – he certainly has a temper when thwarted! Then he climbed onto the top of my ironing board which was closed and resting on end upright. His weight made it open and he fell off! I have to watch him all the time.
I shall be getting some sets of Knits Pics Rosewood interchangeable needles soon – these are very attractive. Also I should be getting my Superior and Baby Kid Extra – everything seems to take forever nowadays.
We went for an Indian meal on Saturday – we both had prawn dishes, it was OK but I have come to the conclusion that I do not really like Indian food – only my home made curries!
Jackson is in bed at the moment, getting over his adventures but he will write tomorrow and so will I.

April 22nd

I have put the two new shades of Summer Tweed in my store. This latest delivery has the yarn in balls rather than skeins – I imagine that it will all be in balls as stocks of Summer Tweed in hand run out.
Jackson escaped into the garden today – he has written about it in his blog. He is eating like a horse – 3 pouches of Kitten Whiskas a day plus unlimited biscuits. I wish he was a tiny kitten again – I never want things to grow up. I remember when I used to keep ducks, they were so sweet when they hatched and for the first few days of their lives but once they got to the teenage stage, their appeal was lost. The same with geese and hens! We went to get some dog food for Slip today and there were some very nice cedar hen houses on show – I quite fancy having hens again. John did not agree!! He said that I have forgotten those cold mornings when you have to break the ice on their drinking water!
Kevin has booked their fishing trip at the end of May. He is coming round later today and is bringing the iPad so I can have another go on it.
I am making chicken curry for dinner with coconut rice. Then we are going to watch football on TV. What an exciting life I lead! Back tomorrow.

April 21st

I received 2 new shades of Summer Tweed today – Bamboo and Tonic. I have not had time to put them in my shop as yet but will do so tomorrow. Also all the Manos del Uruguay Lace Weight has arrived. It is beautiful – so soft and silky!
Jackson is teething and is very grouchy – he is not such a sweet kitten today!
John has announced he is going to Scotland with Kevin at the end of May for some salmon fishing – good, I shall be able to do some yarn smuggling whilst he is gone. They will drive to Scotland and so I shall not have to do the dreaded airport pick up!  Nothing much else to report but I will be back tomorrow.

April 19th

Nothing very exciting has happened since I last wrote.  I heard from the Royal Mail and parcels destined for Europe are being sent by road and ferry and those destined for the US and Canada are going by road and ferry to southern Spain and then flying onward.  I think that any for Japan and the Far East and Australia are being held in London until flights resume.
I have some DB Baby Cashmerino and Cashmerino Aran coming which I will be able to offer at a good price. The Manos del Uruguay Lace Weight will be here tomorrow – the Royal Mail just called me to say they could not find my address! I have put them straight and they said they will deliver tomorrow. Pity they did not deliver today as John is out trout fishing with Kevin and I could have smuggled it in!
Jackson is asleep cuddled up in Slip’s tummy at the moment – he may write his blog later!
Now I must go and get dinner ready for when John gets home. Back tomorrow