May 30th

Strawberry Pavlova

I am writing this early as John will be home around 2.30 this afternoon – it is now 12.45 and I have been busy cooking.  I made the Strawberry Pavlova for pudding – 3 eggs, 6 ounces sugar, whipped cream and strawberries.  I am cooking chicken, prawns and bacon in a hot rice mix for the main course and still have to make the dips – salsa, sour cream and chives and guacamole. Then I am done in the cooking department.  But I still have to have a major dusting session and vacuum  – I hate housework!
I have reduced the Calmer in Tinkerbell – both packs and balls. I have not got much, so first come, first serve.
Now I must get on! No time to play with my iPad today! Back tomorrow.

May 29th

My iPad

Sorry I have not written for a few days. I am rushed off my feet without John here. Slip to walk, greenhouses to water, parcels to pack, boxes to empty – I don’t know where the time goes!
My iPad came on Thursday – a day ahead of schedule. It is wonderful and I am totally in love with it! Videos look stunning on it and the internet is very fast.
John telephones me 3 times a day – he has lost one salmon and caught some sea trout. He fished from 8.30am until 10.30pm yesterday and said he was tired! Today is their last day and they will be home tomorrow.
I have Louisa Harding’s new book Cardigans coming early next week.

Louisa Harding Cardigans

John has just telephoned me to say that Kevin has caught an 11lb salmon. All fish have to be returned to the river as it is catch and release but I expect they have photos of it.
I am going to have my dinner now – potted shrimps on toast! Back tomorrow

May 26th

Knitpro rosewood needle set

Knitpro Rosewood Needle Set

I received some sets of Knit Pro Rosewood Interchangeable needles today – I have not had time to look inside the box or put them in my shop but will do so tomorrow. I also received some sets of Tunisian / Afghan crochet hooks.
John left for Scotland at 9.0am this morning and has just called me to say they have arrived safely. I miss him – it seems strange to have no one to cook for and no one grumbling at me!! Jackson thinks it is great as I did not make him go outside in his run today.
I had an email from Apple to say that my iPad has been shipped and so I am dying for it to come. It should arrive on Friday and so I am going to do all the necessary food shopping tomorrow and then stay in on Friday as I don’t want to miss the delivery man.
I am going to take Slip for a walk now, she misses John terribly and, every time a car slows down outside my house, she leaps up thinking it is John coming home. Back tomorrow,

May 24th

Kay, my Rowan rep came today. She was not on an official visit but came to say goodbye as Rowan have re-organized the sales territories and she is no longer my rep.  I got to see a sneak preview of the next Rowan mag. From what I can remember, it was divided into 3 sections. The first one was chunky sweaters, scarves and jackets knitted in Big Wool, Felted Tweed Chunky and Cocoon.  The next section was all fair isle and tartan knitting – lots of designs by Kaffe in all over fair isle in Felted Tweed and Kidsilk Haze. The last section is devoted to classic styles that suit all ages – one of the models is 81 (hope for me yet!) – the designs were plain or striped and used Cashsoft, Kidsilk Haze and Wool Cotton.
There are 4 new wools – I only saw a ball of one of them which was British Sheep Breeds in a boucle style yarn – it is only going to be available in Ecru. There are 2 new shades of Kidsilk Haze, a red and a deep green, new shades of Lima and Alpaca Cotton and most other things. I shall be getting a visit from my new rep soon and then I will see all the yarns.
John goes to Scotland on Wednesday – I can do some yarn smuggling!
Now I must go and iron. Back tomorrow and Jackson will be back then too. He says he is too hot to lift paw to key tonight.

May 22nd

Artesano Superwash Merino

Today’s photo is of the shade card and a ball of Artesano Superwash Merino which I received in the mail today.  It is a springy yarn and would be nice for children. It is DK weight and reasonably priced at around  $5.75 a ball. I don’t know whether I shall stock it or not – there are so many yarns, sometimes I feel I am drowning in them!
Jackson is out in his run – he still hates it and yells non-stop. We filled up a big bath with water and put it in the run and he played with it for a little while but I can tell he is not happy out there. It is very hot here today, Slip had a game with the hose and I let Jackson out and he played too. I don’t know what the answer is – I dare not let him out unless I am there to watch where he goes. Another Bengal seems the best option but I am getting stiff resistance from John.
We are not going out to eat tonight but will go for a drink later. Tomorrow evening we collect my brother from the airport. There is an Asparagus cook out at the pub but we won’t be able to go because of going to the airport – shame!!
Now we are going to take Slip for a walk – back tomorrow.