May 19th

Tiffany Trefoil Silver Key

I got my key!!  It is the same size as my gold one and so I can wear them together.  I love the Tiffany boxes – they are tied up with white satin ribbon.  We are going for an Indian meal tonight and then onward for a drink somewhere.
Jackson went up the apple tree again this morning, right to the top on the thinnest of branches. He would not come down and so John impaled a piece of cheese on a stick to entice him to come down. He came down a little way and then grabbed the cheese off the stick and went back up the tree to eat it. We tried again and this time we did not let him reach the cheese but kept it just below his paw. He came down but not via the trunk of the tree but via thin side branches. He clings onto them by wrapping his paws around them. He is in his run at the moment but we are going to let him out for a little while after the postman has been to collect my parcels.
Now I must go and cook a trout for Slip’s dinner – back tomorrow,


3 thoughts on “May 19th

  1. What anniversary is the Tiffany key? I’m sure we’ve past the proper number. It’s lovely isn’t it and don’t you just love those little turquoise bags?

    In the yard next door is a small stand of pine trees which are a good hundred feet up. Our “Steve” used to tear up to the top…. and then worry about how to get down. Thankfully he is older now. Shaking a bag of “Temptations” treats will still usually bring him running.

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