May 20th

Hmm….I am not feeling so good today!  We went out, me proudly sporting my 2 Tiffany keys! First we went to the pub for a drink ( only one! ) and then we went to the Indian restaurant. I had garlic mushrooms to start with and then I had a crab dish. On reflection, this was not a good idea – it was not very nice, sort of mushy crab in a hot sauce.  And we had a bottle of Pinot Grigio.  Then we went back to the pub and had another drink, then home and we drank the champagne.  By this time I was feeling distinctly queasy. Whether it was the crab or the surfeit of alcohol, I do not know.  I still feel a bit nauseous now – I had some pasta for dinner as I thought that would settle my tummy.
I have not done much today – I fell asleep in the sun this afternoon, it has been warm. Jackson nearly knocked himself out. I was cleaning the shower tray and had the door open and he came at full tilt down the hall and ran straight into the glass door!
No news on the yarn front at the moment but I should see the new Rowan Fall yarns soon. Back tomorrow.


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