May 26th

Knitpro rosewood needle set

Knitpro Rosewood Needle Set

I received some sets of Knit Pro Rosewood Interchangeable needles today – I have not had time to look inside the box or put them in my shop but will do so tomorrow. I also received some sets of Tunisian / Afghan crochet hooks.
John left for Scotland at 9.0am this morning and has just called me to say they have arrived safely. I miss him – it seems strange to have no one to cook for and no one grumbling at me!! Jackson thinks it is great as I did not make him go outside in his run today.
I had an email from Apple to say that my iPad has been shipped and so I am dying for it to come. It should arrive on Friday and so I am going to do all the necessary food shopping tomorrow and then stay in on Friday as I don’t want to miss the delivery man.
I am going to take Slip for a walk now, she misses John terribly and, every time a car slows down outside my house, she leaps up thinking it is John coming home. Back tomorrow,


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