May 29th

My iPad

Sorry I have not written for a few days. I am rushed off my feet without John here. Slip to walk, greenhouses to water, parcels to pack, boxes to empty – I don’t know where the time goes!
My iPad came on Thursday – a day ahead of schedule. It is wonderful and I am totally in love with it! Videos look stunning on it and the internet is very fast.
John telephones me 3 times a day – he has lost one salmon and caught some sea trout. He fished from 8.30am until 10.30pm yesterday and said he was tired! Today is their last day and they will be home tomorrow.
I have Louisa Harding’s new book Cardigans coming early next week.

Louisa Harding Cardigans

John has just telephoned me to say that Kevin has caught an 11lb salmon. All fish have to be returned to the river as it is catch and release but I expect they have photos of it.
I am going to have my dinner now – potted shrimps on toast! Back tomorrow


One thought on “May 29th

  1. Oh, Jannette, your new “play toy” is beautiful! I am very envious. I suppose you have spent every free minute trying out the features. Enjoy!

    Mary, Queen of Oil (oops, that’s not a good title right now, what with the gigantic, horrendous oil spill here in the U.S.!)

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