May 30th

Strawberry Pavlova

I am writing this early as John will be home around 2.30 this afternoon – it is now 12.45 and I have been busy cooking.  I made the Strawberry Pavlova for pudding – 3 eggs, 6 ounces sugar, whipped cream and strawberries.  I am cooking chicken, prawns and bacon in a hot rice mix for the main course and still have to make the dips – salsa, sour cream and chives and guacamole. Then I am done in the cooking department.  But I still have to have a major dusting session and vacuum  – I hate housework!
I have reduced the Calmer in Tinkerbell – both packs and balls. I have not got much, so first come, first serve.
Now I must get on! No time to play with my iPad today! Back tomorrow.


One thought on “May 30th

  1. Ooh, I wish I could just reach through the computer and get some of that Strawberry Pavlova! It looks delicious! Thanks for the recipe; I’ll have to try making it myself (since I can’t reach through the computer).

    Mary, Queen of Oil (but not the oil that is spreading in the Gulf of Mexico!)

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